Books Go Live. A website to help Indie, self-published Authors in their quest for notoriety.


Book Promotions


Hello guys,

Last month, I decide to open a books promotion website.

Books Go Live is created to give Indie, self-published authors and their new books the recognition and resonance in a wider audience, on social media and book blogs. Its goal is to introduce and support not only debut Greek authors but European and American authors as well, in their quest of notoriety.

It’s a new site, however, that needs to be introduced and have the support from every book blogger and book reader, who wants to be a part of its journey.

Be a part of the team, as a Blogger, a Reader/Reviewer or as an Author is valuable.

Be a member is valuable!

Be the valuable member of Books Go Live team, NOW.

There are three special google forms for everyone who wants to participate.

Go to  and complite the right form that fits on you.

“For Authors”, “For Bloggers”, “For Readers”.

For more news, subscribe on Books Go Live Newsletter and follow Books Go Live on Social Media as well. There is also, a special place for Greek wattpaders. If someone is a writer there and wants their book more recognition, Books Go Live is here to help them.

For more informations, please contact with me at I will be happy to help you.




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