ARC Review “Mercy & Mayhem: Operation Mayhem” by Lindsay Cross

Mercy & Mayhem

Operation Mayhem

by Lindsay Cross


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Published Apr 23, 2017
Stand-Alone |281 pages |Action – Adventure – War – Millitary – Romance
by Lindsay Cross




(adapted from goodreads)


He wanted nothing but revenge…until her.

Mack Grey wants one thing in his life: vengeance for the ex-CIA operative who betrayed his team, Jack Mankel. And he’s finally got the traitor within grasp, all he has to do is catch a hop across the Congo and capture his enemy.

He had no idea the depths to which Mankel’s evil could reach.

She never thought she could love again…until him.

All single-mother air force pilot Marley Mitchell has to do is fly a group of special operators across Africa for a HALO jump and then she can be back home with her baby girl. Then the unexpected happens. Her plane crashes and Marley has to rely on an insanely hot commander to get her out of the jungle alive.

Deep in the jungle, Mack gives her his heart and soul. He’s willing to lay down his life to protect hers.

But Marley has a secret.

A secret that could destroy not only their hope for happiness, but Mack’s entire team.

With Mankel closing in and guerilla soldiers on the prowl, their sensual attraction is put to the ultimate test in an action-packed thrill ride of passion so hot it threatens to burn them alive.

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“What Lindsay Cross delivers with every new book of hers, is the epitome of high quality action, alpha heroes and passionate scenes tangled all together only for the reader’s pleasure.”

I was provided with an advanced ARC copy from the author for exchange of my honest review. Thank you for the chance Lindsay!

This woman spellbound me, that’s for sure! I’m always under her spell when I have a new book of hers in my hands (even if it’s an ebook); its like she’s forcing me to read it no matter what am doing. Ok, I’m a happy-to-be-there-member in her ARC team but my love to her had nothing to do with it. I was hooked by her writing talent the second I finish my first book of hers​, so all the other came after that. She has an incredible way to narrate dangerous, very honed to precision, warlike situations; having an irresistible alpha male team who accomplish to nail these situatios every single time; compined them with the, always there, steamy seduction, her main heroes of the book provoke. Sex in the middle of a warzone has its perks…for the reader!!

For the ones who don’t know Lindsay’s​ Cross bibliography or the correct order to read the Men of Mercy series books, I want to tell you that even if the order exists, all the books are stand-alone. You may lose some informations but you definitely won’t lose the conclusion. Lindsay, always, delivers to the readers an action-packed, full consuming story to read. I can promise you that.

“Acting without a plan increases risk. Risk is what get people killed.” -Marley
“Sometimes risk is worth the reward.” -Mack

Now, what is happening at the Operation Mayhem? Jack Mankel is the target the Task Force Scorpion is prepared to arrest. He was one of them, but when he kidnapped Senator Cotter’s daughter, he became an emeny. He abducted her because she was in the influence of a super serum her mother injected into her own body before she labored her two baby girls. The serum was a formula to help create super soldiers, deadly weapons in the hands of a mad man, and Mankel was one of them.

Task Force Scorpion and Colonel Mack Grey had planned this mission. Everyone on the team had its own bad history from Mankel and each one wanted nothing but to kill him. Their mission would take place in Congo, traveling through Cameroon by air. This mission was precise to detail, not a single bit unplanned. They were ready! However, the mission didn’t start with the best omen. The co-pilot jumped out the airplane, after he left there a bomb, while the aircraft flew uncontrollable straight to the ground. The pilot was passed out because of the lack of air in the cabin, a situation her co-pilot was responsible for. It was a set up and she understand it after she came back to consiousness; but she didn’t knew the reasons. Her mission was to leave the team above their target and fly back to the airport. Now, she had to jump out her plane and be with the team; a plan which made Capten Marley Mitchell terrified that moment.

“The killer who had no emotion except hate and a thirst for revenge. This man didn’t have room in his heart for love. He didn’t have room for anyone but his team.” – Mack

A breathtaking, action-packed scene which was only a small taste of what the story was promising what would happen next. Never relaxing my grip on my tablet, I continued my journey through the jungle with the company of nine strong men and a pilot woman; tried to avoid all kinds of poisonous creatures and the groups of dangerous guerrillas. Run and fight!! Adrenaline and testosterone were leaped strongly off the pages; with every new scene more dangerous than the last one. It was riveting to have an inside eye watching every step of this deadly mission to unfold. Mack’s team was definitely trained to kill.

“Don’t be mad at me for wanting to protect you. That’s who I am and who I always will be.” -Mack

The temperature of Congo was as same as the one Mack and Marley engendered with each other; extremely hot and very much moist. It was a sparkle at first, nothing to analyze about; but when they left alone, cut off from their team for two nights, it was incredible difficult for them to suppress the strong, carnal feelings anymore. The feelings were forbidden yet brutally hot. It was a physical​ connection, at first; two mature individuals with needs. What feelings originated after, non of them imagined that could possibly happen to them, not any more and especially not being into this mess. Both grieved for the lose of their soulmates, they were left alone with a child to protect and a broken heart to heal. During these two nights, Mack and Marley acknowledge that what connected them together, was something deeper that the physical need they believe at first. The reasons were that the one had what the other would need, a soulmate. And I thing, these moments were the most sweet, admirable, warm-hearting moments in the book. After all, it’s not about the destination that counts it’s about the journey to get there; And Lindsay always plans the best journeys!

To summarize, Mercy & Mayhem story is what I call consuming. Open the cover and you’ll be unwilling to let go. Lindsay’s writing style, for me, feels truly extraordinary; She nailed every book she wrote because of her indescribable imagination and that she is well versed in these situations. She has the ability to, always, leave me with a heart full of pride for the soldiers who fights for their country, and for the humanity they keep into their souls. Good lives everywhere including where bad might be. I don’t have to mention how the story flows; even if it’s a short story or a long one, the only thing you will possible want is to never end. Her writing style is so fluent and precise, making me turn the pages like a loony, devouring every word like a hunger. My obsession with her stories is obvious, huh! Well, what can I say!! Well, I hope I intrigued your imagination and made you grab the book yourselves and find out what’s happening, because I won’t tell you myself.

Until next time, enjoy your free time reading great books with unforgettable stories.


Detailed rating:

Book rates: 5+ stars
  • Plot: 5+ stars
  • Characters: 5+ stars
  • Writing: 5+ stars
  • Pacing: 5+ stars
  • Cover: 5++ stars

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