ARC Review “The Sure Thing” by Samantha Westlake

The Sure Thing

by Samantha Westlake


The Sure Thing



Published Apr 13, 2017
Stand-Alone |265 pages | Literature – Fiction – New Adult – Romance
by Samantha Westlake




(adapted from goodreads)

Hello there. Yes, you, reader, considering buying this book. Hi.
I could make you buy this book, you know. All I need to do is focus, close my eyes for a second, and shape the words in my head – and they’ll come true.

It’s my superpower, you see. I can change my reality, rewrite my story, with just a thought. I’ve made myself wealthy, have everything I could want in life. Women, money, expensive new cars to use for zipping around town, even more expensive jets for zipping around the country – I’ve got it all. For me, success is a sure thing.

This story, however, tells of how it nearly all fell apart on me – when I met her.

That damnable woman got inside my head, nearly broke everything. She drove me crazy – but wait, I can’t tell you everything now, can I?

You’ll just have to buy the book if you want the rest of my story. Trust me, though – it’s a delectably toe-curling, hilariously entertaining, wonderfully uplifting tale, if I do say so myself.

And I should know – I’m the star.

You’ll want to buy this book. It’s a sure thing.

A standalone steamy romance, THE SURE THING tells the story of a man with everything – except the woman who captures his attention and wins his heart. This full novel promises no cheating and a happily ever after ending – you won’t be able to put it down!

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“Sometimes magic doesn’t work wonders when you need it to…but love does!… An impressive story you really need to read!!”

What is a fiction without an impressive storyline or, even more, an impressive imaginary hero? What about some magic involved? Put into the mix an unaffected to magic volunteer and you would have a hell of an exciting story to read. Hands on the heart, you are going to love this one!!

I was provided with an ARC advanced copy by the author for exchange of my honest review. Thank you so much for giving me the chance Samantha!

“The strangest things happen around you, it seems!”

Never crossed my mind that opening The Sure Thing I would be greeting by the most unexpected man character as Alex Hamilton was. This man is the epitome of carefreeness, seductiveness and, as our heroen said, more that one times, breathtaking moving sexiness. Alex had a tough past, not like the ones everyone of us would imagine but, it really affected him in a way to give him magical powers. Weird? Tell me about it!! Although, his life became easier and untroubled, doing whatever crossed his filthy mind, he never stop afraid about the possibility of losing his power and became normal again, with whatever packages that possibility will include. However, he never expected the fact that there would be a person immune to his magic charm either; so, everything were as unpredictable for him as when this power landed on him in the first place, back then.

“With anyone else, I could always make them forget. ….Until now. Until Paxton. Now, she knew my secret, and I could never take it back.” – Alex

Meeting Paxton for the first time, wasn’t an ideal moment for both of them. It was, actually, like those awkward moments which in the end of it shown an irritated Paxton flying away from an open-mouthed, looking surprised Alex. The reason was simple, he tried to use his magic on her, saying his wish out loud yet she was immuned by it but heard it overall, didn’t like what she heard, as it was expected and, in the end, she showed him the third and left him frozen in his spot by this unexpected turn of event. Yeap, he didn’t expected it coming! After he composed himself, he made his mission to find out what was her story and she couldn’t be affected by his magic, not even a little. And here, this fascinating story starts its journey, combining these two very opposite heroes into one mission; to find out what Alex’s mythical power meant for him and, afterwards, what meant for their mighty common future. The difficulties they had to encounter were many; first was Paxton’s audacity and her low self-esteem that made Alex to work hard for her to agreed to date with him on the first place. Then, it was the background reasons they had to see each other daily, which made her second thought about his motives. Afterwards, there was his own personal fears which complicated their whatever called relationship, when it was actually started to bloom. Not a rollercoaster but definitely a high-speed line train!!!

“He’d chosen me, even though I might be the one who could most hurt him.” – Paxton

The Sure Thing is a page-turning, fully consuming story illustrating beautifully how these two different souls, found a way to be connected and afterwards, creating strong feelings for each other. It was clearly obvious that the author wrote down with so much love her heroes, giving them all the necessary assets a fictional character would need to be in the likes of any reader. I was totally connected with both of them, shared the insecurities and fears they both kept for them selves. The narration was made from both Paxton’s and Alex’s perspective, a helpful detail that I’m always happy to see inside the stories I read lately. What I found interesting in this particular story and, I was unexpectedly pleased about it, was the fact, that even their monologues shown a contrasting character from what the other was. They had not one similarity, except the fact that they both had hedonistic fantasies, deeply wishing to finally make them happen. And they did! Oh yes they did!!! What else? I loved their witty dialogs and the so intimate encounters which the, always, thoughtful Alex managed to created infront of an, always there, stubborn Paxton. They were hilarious, they were sharp, they were seductive, they were passionate, they were unforgettable, and then, they were…more. Hope I intrigued your imagination and made you grab the book yourselves and find out what’s happening.

Until next time, enjoy your free time reading great books with unforgettable stories.


Detailed rating:

Book rates: 5+ stars
  • Plot: 5+ stars
  • Characters: 5+ stars
  • Writing: 5+ stars
  • Pacing: 5+ stars
  • Cover: 5 stars

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