ARC Review “Revenge River” by Lindsay Cross

Revenge River

Men of Mercy  #9

by Lindsay Cross



Published Oct 22, 2016
Series | 386 pages | War – Military -Action – Romance
by Lindsay Cross




(adapted from goodreads)


His name is Merc.

He has no past.

No future.

Only a thirst for revenge against the traitor who betrayed his team and his country – Agent Jack Mankel.

When he’s handed a mission to rescue a sitting US senator’s daughter from the traitor’s clutches, Merc jumps at his chance for vengeance, never dreaming the girl he rescued could be his downfall…

She walks in the night.

She is a shadow.

An operative so elite even the president doesn’t know of her existence.

Her whole life, she’s lived to serve, raised in the black-ops team her father, Jack Mankel, created. Then her whole world is turned upside down when she learns the sister she once thought dead is really alive; and to save her, Nightshade will have to take on the hardest mission of her life…

Merc knows he doesn’t deserve her. Nightshade knows she can’t have him. But a connection so powerful neither of them can resist draws them closer, even as a betrayal so deep threatens to destroy their very existence.


“I was provided by Sassy Savvy Fabulous and the author with a free copy of this book so I could give an honest review.”

I’ll be damned!!! I mentally slapted me, twice, because I didn’t kept the promise I gave to myself, to read all the other books in this serie. Jeez, this story was amazing!! Lindsay, I want to see these books transferred on the big screan or tv….please!

“I don’t want to lose her when we’ve just gotten her back” ~ Nightshade

After reading the first few pages, I was again connented with the full consuming narrate of Lindsay’s Cross. Using third person for her narration, whish isn’t my favorite style but here I truly enjoy it, Lindsay created a plot, so powerful and intense, I couldn’t put my tablet down. I love that the book has this fast page turning rythim, with one action scene comes after the other, molding the plot perfectly with the intelligent style she owns.
The story begins with Nightshade‘s POV.
She has a mission to finish. Her team, Meyhem, has taken captive by Senator Cotter, a man who is responsible for her twin sister’s abduction and her mother’s death. This man is her lifetime enemy and, her father, Jack Mankel has trained her, for twenty five years, to take revenge. Jack’s plan is ready to be on action now. He kidnapped Caroline, Nightshade’s twin sister, weeks ago, kept her in a palace somewhere in Afganistan, and waited Special Forces to find them and try to rescue her. Jack’s scheme is going to pass unnoticed as long as Nightshade played her role perfectly, a role which wasn’t what she believed it really was.

“I trained him myself when I still worked for the CIA. He’s deadly and dangerous. He will lie, steal and kill to win.” ~Jack Mankel

And he is totally right about that!! Sergeant Merc Greyson, is a killing massine, a deadly assassin. Without a memory about his past, everything he knows is what Jack Mankel told him about. Waking up in a room without his memory, Merc’s only way to survive is to listen and comply at Jack’s commants. He trained at the most unrealistic situations, learned to use any possible obstacles on his favor, never feared to kill or to be killed, he was the best soldier Jack ever trained. But this was the past, after Jack betrayed US Special Forces and Task Force-Scorpion, for a life full of wealth as a secondhand to a leader of the Islamic State of Afganistan, Merc’s mission was to find and kill him for all the bads his teammates lived because of him.

“Stick to the plan. Don’t deviate. You can’t allow your emotions to cloud your judgment.” ~Jack Mankel

Of course, no matter how perfect training Nightshade was, she always been the emotional one. She always cared for her teammates and deep inside had a huge love for the twin sister she never met. Even if she had trained to have the mind and body of a soldier, her heart was a warm cave of love, her father’s constant battle to erase. And when Sergeant Merc was on his way to save her sister, this little flaw of hers had to be buried deep inside and never comes to surface. Don’t count on that girl!!! To be clear, the plan is that Nightshade would take her sister’s place and act like her until she found out where Senator Cotter is keeping her team, Meyhem. This plan had to look real in the eyes of Merc, who is coming to resque Caroline and for that moment the plan was moving as a well tuned clock. Jack Mankel had all planned out perfectly. An amazing action-packed scene took place, every detail on it made me stop breathing, captivated by the moment. It was really intense, and made me think maybe things aren’t as it looks they are…

“Never let your enemy know your full capabilities.”

The resque from the palace was successful but Nightshade and Merc earned lots of injuries and a renew captivity. They had now to try and free themselves from a Sheik, who took them from the debris that palace was now, planned to make Nightshade his next wife of his harem and Merc his prisoner, making him talk about whom he worked for. It was a riveting moment, after what they’ve been through, when they finally freed themselves and TF-S meant to found and returned them to base. The agony started when Nightshade had to start playing her role. Focused only to stick to the plan, Nightshade couldn’t denied the love feelings Senator so easily phrased for his daughter or the loving people Caroline had beside her, she couldn’t even denied her feelings for Merc anymore either. She tried to keep her identity very well hidden, but not what she felt and what her heart wanted.

“I’m sorry I have to hurt you to save you.”

Nightshade isn’t the delicate flower her twin sister Caroline is. She is a strong, feisty, determined woman who put her team and plan first. Merc is an obstacle for her, a brutally hot obstacle which she can’t stay away from. She never felt these feelings before now. The invisible pull between them was, a welcome distraction to fullfil her needs…and his, but at the same time, a big bell shout at her that the mission was at risk. After a week at Senators house, Nightshade became closer with Merc, fell in love with him, put her walls down and made the wrong move that uncovered her identity. It was time to move with her plan but trusting the words of the wrong man was her ultimate mistake. Government secrets, high profile politicians, military programs, medical experiments, a needed tanglement for personal superiority, everyone had been involved to find Nightshade and use her to reinstating again the Operation Midnight, something she never knew she was into it from the beginning. Until the secrets unraveled in front of her own eyes. Yes, she wasn’t what she believed she was and now everyone has to pay for it.

“You’re not the cure. You’re the cause.”

I know I haven’t say much about the story, only about the main character, Nightshade, but I want to believe that this tactic would put you in thoughts to read the story as well, telling you that there would be Merc’s personal view in the narration as well. Any book of Men of Mercy is a high recommented one, for all of you who love to read books full of action, adventure, mistery and unbelievable passion between the, always there, perfect couples. Lindsay’s writing skills on the military genre are amazingly unique and majorly detailed, which even a man can easily read, enjoying the hot scenes Nightshade and Merc had into the story. Yes they had!!!!! How they couldn’t??? She is Hot, he is Hell Hot so…..Which I remembered to express my “Thank you Lindsay for all the passioned kisses and the delicious sensual sex scenes you gave me again… You Rock Girl!!!”

I want to believe that I would keep my promise and sooner than later you would read a new review for one or two or all the other Men of Mersy series, this amazing author gave us to read. Until then…enjoy what book is in your hands friends.


Detailed rating:

Book rates: 5+ stars
  • Plot:5+ stars
  • Characters: 5+ stars
  • Writing:5+ stars
  • Pacing: 5+ stars
  • Cover: 5++ stars

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All the while, dreams of a beautiful brown haired girl haunted his dreams.
Amber Atkins had given everything to Raylan. Her virginity and her soul. Convinced she could tame the notorious bad boy, she was devastated when he left without a word.
Now six years later, Raylan has returned to Mercy to convince Amber that they can’t live without each other. But can Amber find the strength to trust again?
As a stalker grows bolder, Amber’s life is in danger and she’s forced to turn to one man for help – Raylan Wilde. In order to survive, she must trust the man that nearly destroyed her with her body and soul.

Ravaged River #6



Special forces operative Hoyt Crowe wasn’t just damaged… he was broken. After suffering brutal torture in captivity, his once lively spirit is shattered. Now his greatest adversary isn’t some unknown terrorist in a foreign country, it’s himself.

Hayden James watched Hoyt slide into a private purgatory of post-traumatic stress disorder, taking her heart with him. No longer warm and loving, he is cold. Hardened. A shell of his former self.

When an old enemy threatens Hayden’s life, Hoyt must find the strength to slay his inner demons or lose the woman he loves forever.


Ethan’s Promise #7


Ethan Slade was a loner. No parents. No wife and kids. No liabilities. He had one love in his life – the Special Forces. As a member of the elite Task Force Scorpion, he’d been on more near death missions than most soldiers experienced in a lifetime and he liked it. So when his commander put him on a forced two-week vacation, Ethan did the only thing he could – took Grey Holden and Team Omega up on an offer for another mission: provide protection to a senator’s daughter at her wedding.
Kate Richards had a chip on her shoulder. After being fired from her job as a CIA analyst because her boss wanted her in his bed instead of behind a computer, Kate was left without a job or a clue as to what she would do next. Then ran into Athena Madero, who’d had her own problem with asshole bosses and offered Kate a new job – come work for her private security company, Team Omega.
After years of ribbing and sexual harassment, Kate wanted nothing to do with men. Period. Especially tall, dark and handsome alpha male operative Ethan Slade. The last thing Ethan wanted or needed was to give up his life as a roamer, avoiding any attachments or obligations. But neither of them is prepared for the instant eruption of desire at their first meeting.
The two come together in an explosion of passion so potent it will leave them both marked for life. But just as quickly as they’ve come together, Kate is violently ripped from his fingers, and it’s up to Ethan to rescue the woman he’s come to love before he ends up alone again.

Aaron’s Honor #8


As a Special Forces operative, Aaron Spears knew better than to get involved with a woman. He couldn’t afford a relationship and didn’t want to put anyone through the hardship of his job. But his brain had fired a blank when he asked Celine Latimer to come to the high-profile wedding of Caroline Cotter, daughter to Senator Tom Cotter, that he’d been assigned to guard. He’d been so sure this would be a cake mission – until his old rival attacked and kidnapped Celine and Caroline.
Celine Latimer thought she’d hit the jackpot with hunky SF operative Aaron Spears. They spent an entire week together flirting and training, but when push came to shove and Celine made a move, Aaron turned her down flat, leaving her broken hearted. She’d always came second in life – second to her brother and sister, second in relationships and now, second to Aaron’s mission. When terrorists kidnapped the senator’s daughter, Celine became collateral damage.
He’d been sworn to protect and he’d failed. Now Aaron lived for one purpose- to find the woman he’d lost and beg her forgiveness. Can Celine find the strength to forgive and believe in Aaron again?

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