ARC Review “Everything She Ever Wanted” by Liz Durano

Everything She Ever Wanted

A Different Kind of Love Novel

by Liz Durano



Published Oct 12, 2016
Stand-alone | 299 ages | Women’s Fiction – Romance
by Liz Durano



(adapted from goodreads)

I was never into fairy tales.

But discovering a real live princess in my house reminds me of the story of the three bears and some chick who breaks into their pad, eats all their food, and sleeps in their beds.

Just like the one that’s in mine right now.

At first, I thought she was dead, but the rise and fall of her chest told me that she was just passed out, probably from the half-empty bottle of Bordeaux I’d been saving for a special occasion. Two grand down the drain, courtesy of Goldi-effing-locks here, who’s not only passed out cold, but she’s also naked.

I should walk out right now and let her be…

But I can’t. Not when there’s something else next to the Bordeaux, something that shouldn’t be here. And it’s sitting on top of a note that begins with the words…

“I’m sorry I failed you…”


“I was provided with a free copy of this book by Liz Durano so I could give an honest review.”

What a captivating, fast page turning, love story was that!!! Why, Liz Durano you earned a spot in my most favorite authors category, with only reading one of your books. Sure, I’m not a bookwarm like some other girls, who earned that title fair enough, but when I read a really good book, I’m all over the author’s talent to not make the reader’s attention be else where.

“I’m sorry I failed you. I’m sorry I didn’t stop chasing the dream, the accolades, and the prestige that came with being one of the best in the country…”

“Everything she ever wanted” is starting with a boom! A jaw dropping scene, so unexpectedly intimidating and complicated, that every line of thought that Harlow’s mind played, was a crack in my own heart. Thank God it was over and the good ones came after. But this scene, this night in Harlow’s world, is what many women all over the world are trying to handle in their lives the same way or an other, and Liz captivated Harlow’s inside war with very interesting way. We, women are the most sensitive ones and the most determined when it comes to decisions. It’s a very strange compination!!

Reading the synopsis is a welcome sight that it’s written from a man’s perspective. I love reading books that are narrated by men character or include their perspectives as well. It always opens a new door into the mind of men, at how they are thinking about stuff or, more specifically, women. The man who’s words are in the synopsis is the most humble, caring, down to earth, beautiful young man I’ve ever met in the history of books, I’ve read so far. Trust me on that!!!

“Somethimes fate works in the stragest of ways. Sometimes we’re meant to be where we’re supposed to be. And maybe that’s why I’m here right now.”

Dax Drexel, a talented carpenter, with many awards in his sleeves from his creations and a bright soul in his heart, is Harlow’s safety net with the real world. Growning up in a loving, caring family, at Taos New Mexico, away from civilization and big cities, Dax had the most simple life a kid could have and at the same time the most experienced and educated one. Though, he wasn’t an easy child to keep an eye on, the care of his mother and grandma created the best character of a man can anyone have in their life, a man that you can lean on and feel safe. Yes, I loved Dax a lot!! And I’m sure you would love him too, just like…Harlow did.

“Somehow my charms have no effect on her, whatsoever. She barely lookd at me. Well, she did, but that was only becauseshe was trying to poke a hole in my chest.  ~ Dax “

Harlow’s world broke into small pieces after the life and the carrier she build with nothing but her motto to be successful, were fly away from her. Dr. Harlow James, one of the top pediatric kidney transplant surgeons in New York, hasn’t taking well the fact that her husband filed for a divorse, after all the personal drama they had lived, and also that the hospital she has working as an Assistant Director of transplant surgery has terminated their collaboration. Having no one to lay on, she left New York, alone, and traveled West, for six months, until she found the perfect place to end her travel…and find herself.

“Something happened on the outskirts of Taos…It’s where my life began again, and where new life was born… ~Harlow “

At the most, isolated, off grid area of Taos, into an Earthship with a breathtaking view and unique desing, Harlow and Dax, lived the most exquisite six days of their lives. Dax was for Harlow, an other kind of lifestyle, more simple, more close to the family, more close to the nature, more human. He took her walls dawn, and she found an other Harlow, a new one in the other side waiting. It was a blast for her but, at the same time, a disaster, because there were secrets and there was her distroyed life awaiting for her back to New York. She had to go back and try to fix the mess before she continued with her life, Dax or no Dax included.

“You are the moon and the stars to my sky, my lovely Harlow. And my world is dark without you. ~Dax “

Did I say I love this book? Harlow’s and Dax’s story? Two lives different in the way they understand the world’s values but, still, with the same need for care and love. Liz, balanced these two worlds, giving her characters the time to explore their differenses and accept them, no matter what the circumstances where. I didn’t mention the turned on sex because it has to be a secret till you read the book. However, I can say that, I enjoyed so much the witty dialogs they had before and after the sex…especially when the good doctor spoke in her language. Hilarious!!!

Coming to a close, I truly recomment “Everything she ever wanted” as the perfect romantic book for a weekend, yes is going to be a fast reading, and maybe a book in your heart. It’s a book of love, without the word being advertised everywhere into the story. It’s a story of self-research, true needs and deep care, it will definitely keep you a pleasant company all the way until the end.

Until next time, enjoy reading the books you have, whenever you can.


Detailed rating:

Book rates: 5 stars
  • Plot:5 stars
  • Characters: 5stars
  • Writing:5 stars
  • Pacing: 5 stars
  • Cover: 5 stars

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3 thoughts on “ARC Review “Everything She Ever Wanted” by Liz Durano

    1. The pleasure is all mine Liz! Looking forward to read every new story you are into girl. Best luck for Everything She Ever Wanted. It deserves to be on to one!!!


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