ARC Review “Carry your Heart” by K. Ryan

Carry your Heart

(Carry your Heart serie #1)

by K Ryan



Published July 14, 2015
Series | 411 pages |  Fiction – Coming of Age –  Romance
by K Ryan




(adapted from goodreads)

When Isabelle Martin steps onto Sawyer Auto Repair’s parking lot, she can’t believe it’s come to this. After dropping out of a school she never really wanted to go to in the first place and dumping a boyfriend she never really loved to begin with, she thought coming home to Claremont, North Carolina would solve all her problems. Instead, she’s still reeling from her mom’s death six months earlier and trying, but failing to help her dad, who’s sunken deep into a whiskey-fueled depression. Working in the local, motorcycle club-owned, auto shop’s office is a last resort, but it’s the only option she has…even if it means working with Caleb Sawyer, the bad-boy biker with swagger to spare who used to drive her up the wall in high school.

Caleb Sawyer is on the fast-track to a downward spiral. He used to think he had the world at his feet–all he has to do is be patient, earn his keep in the club and in the shop, and his legacy within the Iron Horsemen MC will be his for the taking when the time is right. But that just doesn’t mean anything without his old lady by his side, who wants to leave Claremont more than she wants to stay with him. When the bottom finally drops out, nothing prepares him for the impact and he deals with it the only way he knows how–with whiskey and women. Despite all that, being around Isabelle Martin, the girl whose feathers he ruffled so easily in high school, somehow brings him back to life. She doesn’t take any of his crap, but she calls him on it without judgment and without pity.
Despite some initial animosity, Caleb and Isabelle quickly realize that the perceptions they had of each other in high school couldn’t be further from the truth. The more time they spend together, the closer they become and the more they gravitate towards each other. Both are at a crossroads, but stuck in reverse. Isabelle needs help; she just doesn’t know how to ask for it. Caleb needs a life preserver; he just doesn’t know where to find one. And ultimately, on the path to rediscovery and identity, all roads lead them to exactly what they need–each other.


So, I received a copy of this books by K. Ryan in exchange of my honest review, which I always had and I always will in every book I’m going to read, and I was ready to review it when a thought crossed my mind and open Goodreads in search of what its synopsis was talked about. Well, it was a long synopsis!!! Which was good and bad at the same time. But the worst part was, that I read of an other person review, which I never did before, and now I’m totally confused. Crap!! Why in the earth I did this? Losing my way of thoughts now, I’m going to start somehow and fingers crossed I’ll make it to the end.

“It wasn’t a life I knew anything about, or even really cared to know about, but now, out of necessity, I just had to suck it up and step inside.”

Breakup-Girl-Black-White-WallpapersIsabelle’s Martin life had reached bottom. Losing her mother six months ago, from lung cancer and having a father who druwn himself in alcohol after his wife’s death, she felt totally alone and helpless. Trying to be the supporting and caring daughter to her father, she quit law school, split with her current boyfriend, only to come back home and help her father to rehab, but that was something that never happened. So she just stayed there, ready for his call to pick him up, from wherever he was, drunk or passed out. Of course, leaving law school wasn’t something bad. She realy wanted to after her mother’s death. It wasn’t her own choice to go there from the beginning, so she felt relief and happy for the one good she did for herself, but now she had to find a real job to earn her living and the only one open for her, was at the Sawyer Auto Repair store.

“I was pathetic. I was useless. I was complitely destroyed.”

Going to work at the Sawyer’s Auto Repair store, wasn’t an option for Isabelle…it was a need. A need to start something good for herself, a need to be needed, a need to feel alive. Knowing that Skyler Sawyer and her son, Caleb, are the kind of people she never wanted to cross her path with, but at the same time they were her lifesavers for the time being, she tried to find the courage to look strong and stable in frond of them. Less to say, she took the job and an other piece of her puzzled life find its place in the spot of her self-happiness.

“I wondered if I was going to have to deal with women stomping around, pissed off and disappointed with me my whole life.”

1That was Caleb Sawyer! The only son Skyler has, who worked at the Auto Repair store also. Well, it was his mother’s shop, so he owned the place as well. Caleb knew Isabelle from high school, but they never been in a same company before, only few classes and that was it. He always teased her with a nickname, one that Isabelle hated, but deep inside him always admired her in a way. A deep deep way!! So when he saw her coming out the shop, jaw dropping beautiful, he couldn’t believe his own eyes. The news that she is going to work with his mother now, it was a big deal for him. It became bigger, when the two of them, after an awkward beginning, connected in an indescribable way, comparing their pasts, and creat a close-friend relationship, supporting one the other because both their lives shown them their ungly faces. When his own life was in stalemate with his, five years in relationship, girlfriend Ariel, who is leaving to California, totally leaving him broken and empty, Isabelle was the one who helped him recover and up to his feet again.

“For the most part, this place was really starting to feel like it could be somewhere I belonged, somewhere that made sense, even if it wasn’t long-term.”

The maturity of Isabelle’s is something Ι don’t find offen at girls in her age. Maybe it was the way she has raised or maybe it was her character, that made her the person she is now. Knowing Sawyer’s Auto Repair shop and Bike Club common secret background, she’s still there, working everyday with the Horsemen and Skyler, having her lunch-break with Caleb and enjoy her Friday nights at the club with her friends. Always in tune with her surroundings, Isabelle is the girl next door, ready to help at any cost, without judgment or consideration, abilities which helped Caleb to feel safe and relaxed when he was around her. Feelings that made him more protective and observant to a woman, than ever before. And that’s how things started to change for each other!

“A weight- one that I hadn’t had the courage to acknowlenge before now- magically evaporated from my shoulders with those words.”

1367697164404837Both Isabelle and Caleb had tough lives, each different to the other but with the same effect. They both were broken!! They both were strong only to help the others!! Lunch-break was their bubble. Alone at the picnic table, everything seemed easy and secure, like nothing bad happened to their lives, like always were closed friends. The feelings came naturaly, first as a friend to friend who cares for the other, then there was protectivity and then there was a deep, unconditional love, none of them ever felt for an other person before.

“Outlaw was what I was born into, but it was also what I was born for. There just weren’t any other options for me because this was everything I’d ever wanted. My legacy was at this table and there was no way I’d ever do anything to jeopardize that.”

That’s what Horsemen are, an outlaw motorcycle gang. Ruthless and deadly! Caleb is one of them, one with his one foot on a great post to be. He is going to be a president soon, so he must act like one and have a clear head also. Ariel’s departure broke him, made him a drunk wreck, a walking empty vase but he managed to get on his feet. After all these times he spent with Isabelle he finally found again his old self and when the time comes, he will be the best choice for the gang. His only concern was that Isabelle wasn’t meant for this life. She was better, better for all of them and she deserved more, but she was the one for him and he couldn’t live without her, so he had to choose for her even if it wasn’t his place to do it…

“She didn’t deserve this life. She didn’t deserve the constant danger that being involved with Sawyer would inevitably put her in. She deserved the best- happiness, safety, security, and all the things a life with Sawyer would never give her, if he kept her around long enough to actually get that far.”

9ffd67a47e1518dc5875fa10bc268c4cThe story called to be known, but for me it’s not. It’s a love story which got through enough before it finally settled. Reading both POVs was a pleasure to know and understand what is going on in their minds. I was pleased more from the storytell because it struck a chord in me that made me cry and laugh, made me be a part of them, made me remember my own youth problems, made me see what my own girls will go through when the time comes, because every life, every love has it’s prickle.
K Ryan written a fabulous story here! She mentioned all these problems a broken family has, parents with health problems, or with alcohol problems, or parents who push their childrens to follow their personal abbitions than their own ones and then, there are the kids, broken and unhappy from their lives but always there to pleased their parents…And then, there are the outlaws! The people you always keep an eye on them over your shoulder, you always stay away from them but…always want to know more about them. It’s a forbidden fruit!!!..and a great subject to use in a story, if you know stuff about them!

I believe, K Ryan developed the story with lightness in this book, which was an intelligent decision, if you ask me, and developed this unconditional love, a young couple that fights to stay bound, no matter the circumstances they had to deal, and at the same time to fought their own demons, their own unsettle toughts and decisions. My only criticism goes to the long monologues. They did dragged a bit and made me change the page and go further. However, the story flowed quickly, until it finished and I had to write my thoughts before I start reading the second book of the series. Yes, I loved reading “Carry you home”! I loved it…and I believe every girl in that age or almost in that age has to read it….maybe her mother too if she likes to read books. Love story or not, “Carry you home” has a lot more things to show us than a common love story.

Enjoy your reading



Detailed rating:

Book rates: 5 stars
  • Plot:5+ stars
  • Characters: 5+stars
  • Writing:5 stars
  • Pacing: 4.5 stars
  • Cover: 5+ stars

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