Book Review “Bound” by Casey McKay


(Masters of Fetishes Book 3)

by Casey McKay



Published Nov 29, 2015
Stand-alone | 148 pages |  Erotica – Contemporary – Romance
by Casey McKay




(adapted from goodreads)


Melissa‘s longtime boyfriend, Martin, is taking her on the trip of a lifetime. It might be just what they need since she has felt a disconnect with him lately. But her overactive mind convinces her that he’s planned the trip for the sole purpose of dumping her… until he brings up the subject of marriage again.

Martin doesn’t know how else to convince Melissa that they are destined to be together forever. He’s left his exclusive BDSM club in the hands of a capable friend and whisked her away to a private island. He can’t figure out why she revels in physical bonds, but balks at the bonds of marriage. It’s not a challenge the seasoned Dom in him is ready to back down from.

When secrets from Melissa’s past threaten to come to light and her well-being and safety are put at risk, can Martin protect the woman his world revolves around? Or will he end up losing everything that matters to him?



ARC kindly provited by the author, via NetGalley, in exchange for a honest review. Thank you for the honor Casey McKay.

Sorry for my late review, sometimes life creates its own rhythm and I have to flow with it, no matter what, so anything else comes to a second place for a while for me. I can’t be the kind of reviewer who reads two or three books at a time! Just can’t!! I love to feel and live the story I read at that time, not to mix it with something else, which maybe has a different plot with the first one and confuse me. That’s why I haven’t, yet, started a new one either. Not only because I liked Bound, but I had it for this long in my mind and I didn’t wanted to forget the feelings and thoughts I have for it.

“He was the only one who could make her mind go quiet. She just didn’t want to admit she needed him.”

tumblr_inline_o0fj1lHRBe1rvdzz7_500Melissa has a ten years long relationship with Martin. He is her Dom, her lover, her brace, her sanity. Now, everything she knew, is coming to an end. She vowed never to be depended on anyone again, never to be bound with someone for so long. But Martin was her rescue, her lifeline. When Melissa was twenty-three and lost, he helped her by giving her a job at his BDSM club, and after that, he owned her as his submissive. Their relationship went to an upper-level when Martin claimed her as his own girlfriend. Not even once he gave her to an other Dom! Everybody at his club knew about them and everybody acted as permitted. So far everything was right and smooth, then what in the heavens went wrong and Melissa felt disposable?

“You are mine Red. No one else gets to touch.”

The best thing about “Bound” is that Mckay shares both POVs throw out the story, so I had a full view from each character’s soul on the same time. Both were so different yet so connected in any way, that I was confused by Melissas reactions now and then. She wanted him like a loony but at the same time, she tried to stay out of commitment with him. Odd way for me, if you ask me, even if she had a dark past on her shoulders,…which was after her once again. No, I don’t have delusions and I almost understand her reactions to keep distances from Martin when things went pressing. But Marnin wasn’t a blank face, he was there, close to her, carring for her and he did showed her his deep love. We are talking about a commitment kind of guy here my friends!!!

“Her eyes flooded, an after effect of the feelings she had. It was at moments like that it almost choked her. When they were alone, when there was nothing else to focus on. It was times like this that reminded her to hold on, because nothing lasted forever.”

Melissa’s past marked her deeply. She always had the looming fear that it will come back and find her. Her nightmares and the unknown people who approached her magnify that fear. Add up the feeling she had about Marnin will leave her soon after their trip,…then you have a broke-down, over-reacted and self-destructed Melissa. Have to say that, her inner thoughts were more tiresome than her real actions. At the outside, she was a witty, funny woman, which I liked, she helped and cared for the others and most of all, for her Martin.

“He’d never afraid of losing Melissa, losing what they had together…Now it seemed too real that she could pull away at any moment…”


Martin…always in charge, an arrogant, overbearing and bad ass Dom, he was versed in any possible(sex)level, always ready to satisfy any desires Melissa had in her mind, yet he was over-protective and deep in love with her. Did I say that he was smoky hot? Always ready to get naked and submerged inside of her, always one step ahead of what he had in mind to do to her and always succeeded to pleasure her. What else a woman could ask!!! I liked Martin more! Like any man, he had more simple ways of thinking and living. His observation helped him to make the right decision for him and Melissa, to plan a trip at an exotic, isolated island and prove her, once again, how deep in love he was with her.

“I’m a dom of many talents. Get your ass up on the counter.”

Well, that was one of the many talents Martin shows us throughout the story…Which was welcome, since the storytell was about a dom and a sub. If you are prudish, then you don’t want to read this book!!! Casey McKay writing is intelligent, smart and sexy in “Bound”, she helped me create real feelings throw the book, naughty-ones mostly, but most of all and more important, she has a well-written, page-turning lovestory you’ll spend all night reading it and not feel guilty about it at all. What if Melissa was a warm-header and destructive! So what? She had her reasons…she was right about them…Yet, she is a woman…The end wasn’t a shock since it is a HEA story but it was a surprise in a way and a revolution in the other. Who could imagine!!!
But you have to grab the book and find out by yourselves…again!

Hope all of you are well and happy
until the next review


Detailed rating:

Book rates: 4.5 stars
  • Plot:4 stars
  • Characters: 4stars
  • Writing:5 stars
  • Pacing: 5 stars
  • Cover: 4 stars


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    1. You are welcome Casey, but I have to say that it was my pleasure and I feel honored to had the chance to read one of your books. Wish you all the bests for your series! ❤ ya


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