Book Review “Divine” by Cait Jarrod


Montana dream series #1

by Cait Jarrod



Released date Nov 23, 2015
Stand-alone | 132 pages | Military – New Adult & College – Romance
by Cait Jarrod



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(adapted from goodreads)

Matt Carson and Trina Lovett befriend each other during turbulent times at a young age. Over the years, their friendship strengthens building a strong, unbreakable bond. At least that is what they believe. Life choices put an ocean between them, and the depth of their bond is tested.
Under the stress of being apart, heart-wrenching events leave them plagued with doubt. Danger forces them to make irrefutable decisions about what they want from life.


I received a copy from NetGalley for exchange of my honest review.

Can pure love last and never change? Can anyone trespass it and ruin it? Can someone stay intact in the name of pure love? Well, “Divine” has all these answers, for us!

~ “I like the way you think.”…  ~ “I’m glad someone does”…

Matthew Carson and Katrina Lovett are met, for a first time, at a spot along-side Potomac river, the day of Matt’s mother funeral. It was the worst day of his life! After the loss of his father few years earlier and now his mother, Matt was going to be alone with his older brother Travis, who’s now tried to be a brother, a parent and a closest friend for him. Thirteen sucks!! Everything in life sucks!! Except his secret spot. The place he always escaped from everyone and everything. However that day, that specific horrible day, a girl showed there, all skinny and pale but with the most beautiful green eyes he ever seen, turning his life one eighty from his axis, only with one look into her eyes.

“He was her rock, the lone person who truly understood her.”

Trina wasn’t like the other girls Matt knew. And he didn’t knew many! However, she pulled him in a way, a very strong way, making him be open to her, to confide his secret thoughts, his fears and the deep pain he felt, losing his parents so fast. She was divine for him! And there was a mutual pull between them. Trina wanted him from day one but she kept down her lust for him, and Matt did the same. Both knew, after their first secret randezvous, that their future was different. Each one separately was going to take an other road to walk by and that knowlenge was their personal limit not to cross, destroying their friendship. They stayed close and inseperable, the following years, meeting at their secret spot, every single day, just talking about everything, until Matt had to leave for the Marines and Trina for college. Their strong need to be physically connected, before they take their seperable ways, remained a dream and that dream stayed into their thoughts, keeping them connected, until the day they’ll meet again. But Trinas family had other plans for her and when the day to finally see each other again came, it was the worst disaster ever!

“She braced for coming face-to-face with the one person who meant the most and caught sight of a wooden sign stretched from post to above the entrance….”

Cait Jarrod is a new author to me and “Divine” is the first book I read by her. I liked the way she recounted Matt’s and Trina’s story, giving both POVs, because it helped me be connected with them, understand and love them, but, I must say, I needed more details about their youth years together or the years apart. I had the feeling that something important was missing! Although it was clear that both of them were waiting, it looked so unreal. However, it was an easy, enjoyful reading, reminded me who difficult things are when you are young and innocent, when you give your heart and soul for the first time when you are in love, when you have to trespass your own family for the sake of your future and happiness, when you finally tried to be independent. Smart dialogs, secondary characters that I would like to know more about them and, of course, the pure love, I always melt when I read about it, made “Divine” a book to pick and read without second thoughts.
Enjoy reading a good book!
Merry Christmans


Montana Dreams Series



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