Book Review “Heart Raider” by Sophia Knightly

Heart Raider

Heartthrob #1

by Sophia Knightly


New Released date Jan 12, 2014
Stand-alone | 240 pages | Contemporary – Romance
by Sophia Knightly



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(adapted from goodreads)

A private island. A scorching summer. Danger lurks…

After a raging media storm nearly destroys him, financial whiz Nick Cameron finds himself isolated and laying low on a barrier island off the Florida coast, far away from the reporters and scandals that threaten him.

But when little Ronnie Whitcomb shows up on his doorstep, all grown up and breathtakingly beautiful, he tries to deny his feelings for her.

Fate intervenes when a hurricane strands them on the island together, and suddenly, keeping Ronnie at arm’s length becomes almost impossible.

But daredevil TV reporter Veronique Whitcomb has an agenda of her own — an agenda that could quite possibly get her killed.

Recalling the hunky boy who rescued her at summer camp, Ronnie knows there’s more to Nick than the hot and juicy scandal he’s embroiled in, and she is determined to get the exclusive interview with him that will expose the real criminal. Whether Nick likes it or not, Ronnie refuses to sit by while the world slanders the most honorable and decent man she’s ever known…and loved.


Book 1: Heart Raider (Nick and Veronique)
Book 2: Heart Melter (Ian and Natasha)
Book 3: Heart Tamer (Alec and Kate)
Book 4: Heart Hunter (Cameron and Evie)
Book 5: Heart Tempter (Leo and Teddy)



“Heart Raider” was the last book I read before 2015 comes to it’s end, but never had the chance to write my thoughts and feelings about it. Now, after five days since I finish reading it, it’s the time to sit on my personal corner and leave my mind go back and remember what happened in the story.

Veronique Whitcomb and Nick Cameron knowing each other for years. Veronique was a thirteen years old teenager that summer, at the Camp Merry Cascades, when Nick was one of the canselors there. Handsome and kind with her, Veronique had a big crush on him, like every other female teenager, but he was much older and adult so he was off the limits for her. Temporarily!

Fifteen years later, Veronique is now one of the most known, intrepid, TV reporters at her age. Having a tough past and famous family name on her shoulders, is now trying to save her life and job, literaly save, going at the most unexpected place of all, Nick’s secret island. Well…her arrival was definitely unexpected! Veronique always being updated about Nick’s whereabouts. Her undeniable faith and proudness on him and his successful life choices, were so deep that she made her life mission to clean his name and save his foundations from the latest, unpleasant, public accusations on his face, by showing to the public his real character with an exclucive interview. True on her mission, she found out important documents which shown the secret involvement of his ex-wife and his best friend and also partner into his foundation money accounts . But those documents were the cause for an unknown gunshot attact against her, an action that made her run away from her apartment and into Nicks arms.

Nick, after a long trial and his divorse, escaped at his island and isolate himself, trying to lick his wounds and live a simple life away from everything and everyone. His quiet but almost boring life, was unsettled by Veronique’s arrival on his doorstep, half day before a tornado hits the island and take everything on it’s way. Annoyed by her unexpected visit, the only thing he wanted was to get her out of his hair and fast. But Veronique’s determination to stay and her lovely temperament were imposible to stay unnoticed, and with a hurrican on it’s way, Nick finally let her stay.

“Her soft hand circled his chest and settled over his heart. Pretty ironic, he thought ruefully. She already had his heart in the palm of her hand.
I don’t want to spoil more the story! However, secret agendas, the HOT sexual intensity between Veronique and Nick, an upcoming hurrican, a crazy admire and an assasin, are few of what this story had to give. Although his constant denial of his feelings in the beginning, Nick and Veronique had a perfect chemistry and I could see and feel it in every way and ever angle into the story. Veronique’s character was so lovable to me because I could truly believe that her passion and determination about Nick was unique and full of love. She was a woman in love! A headstrong, beautiful, fun-loving, sweetheart woman that Nick couldn’t resist any more and damn right he didn’t.
Oh! I wanted to slap him in the face with all these grund, arrogant attitude he had before her. But I loved him too! In a way, his way, he was right to act like this. Nick was a down to earth, self-rising guy, who wanted to help other people to have the life they deserved. But when his life accomplishments destroyed, he stopped having faith at people and Veronique was one of them. So, as the story unfolded, it was amazing to see him change and start to be more carring and warmer with her of all people. Among all, I liked him more in the end of the story because he was all I ever imagine he would be and he finally deserved to have Veronique’s love.

Yes! It’s a HEA, stand-alone, love story. And Yes, it’s going to keep you a great company everywhere you are and you start reading it. It’s the first book I read by Sophia Knightly and I truly enjoy it. Reading a well-written storytell, with well-aimed dialogs, each one character POV’s and a full action that kept until the end, “Heart Raider” was a nice ending for my 2015 reading challenge… Romantic writer, with little bit of action and drama, Sophia Knightly is now one of my favorite authors and I’ll soon going to read all the “Heartthrob series” as well. Romantic stories are meant to be read no matter how often the story is same with others. Romance is always a romance…after all!!!

Enjoy reading!

Heartthrob Series







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