#2015 My year in books…late post!

My year in books…late post!

Take a look!


Thank you!

It was and still is a new place for me the world of books, but yet, I stopped feeling uneasy with it and I let it to carry me away, where ever it wanted to take me. And, gee, it was the best journey I ever had so far!

This year was full of great books and fabulous authors. I mean, the unexpected kindness from each one I had the chance to talk for a while online, was overwhelming for me. It’s mean so much to have a popular author thanks me or comment a post of mine because that means that these people cared and love their fans, even the smaller one.

So, thank you all so much for being who you are and for the love you give to every single of us, your fans.


Τhe scariest yet addictive series I’ve read so far!

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Yes! I’m a fan of Deborah Blandon. “Obsessed” was my first serie I read by her, back in 2014 and since then, I never stop reading her books. Though, back then I didn’t have in mind to leave a review, which now make me think about re-read them and complite my humble mission. #MyPromiseFor2016

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Not a great month BUT this serie took a lot longer of time than any other serie…8 books my friends!!! 8 f…ing AWESOME books!!! A month full of Jonathan Drazen.

Hey… I’m not gonna complain…for this month! 😉



I made a break from reading this month but I managed to read the finale of “Uncovering you”.  Hated and loved the end but it was what meant to be so I was fine by it. Still…next month!



Now that was a GREAT month! And an unexpected new ending for “Uncovering you” serie. Also, Amy Harmon became an “always in my heart” author with “The Law of Moses”.

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Variety of storytells and authors. Full month of reviews in goodreads and amazon, and I was considering to create a blog, this blog, to share my passion. Hope I did it right!

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GREY is here! GREY is here! The most anticipated book for 2015 until then, for all the fans of Christian Grey, included myself. After the pandemonium that happened when the movie released, it was natural for this book to have the same responce. I run to buy it like a loony and I won a copy on a giveaway contest afterwords. Double lucky, huh?? After reading Christian POV, I thought it was necessary to re-read the first two  books of the series, so I would had a full veiw of both perspectives and I finally left a review for each one.

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Well, this month I was all day on the beach with kids, a weekend at the nearest island and on the beach again. Don’t ask me why I didn’t read at all because I don’t have an answer. Just didn’t! I took some great pics though this summer.




My first attempt after a long time, to read one of the most anticipated books in Greece and it was a great reading, by the way. Next year, I’m thinking to add more greek authors and their books into my reading process. If you want to help me with that I’m open.

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What can I say about this month? On my birthday I was reading “Hard” and what I only can say is that it was the best present for me this year! *wing I re-read “This Man” because I missed Jesse Ward so much, I continue with my firsts ARC’s from Priscilla West, my favorite girl Scarlett Edwards, my new favorite author Eve Jagger and, of course, R.G. Winter. This month was a blast for me and what only can do, is to kindly thank these ladies for the honor.



ARC’s, more new great authors and much more books in my kindle this month. November was the first month I ever experienced, who was full of new releases. I also, found out that I could finally buy from amazon the ebooks I wanted to read, after the capital control Greece had for months. I missed some great new releases while they were on a nice price, tho! I want to add that, this month was amazing for me because I become a member of NetGalley and “Hostile” was the first book to read, in my shelf. It’s realy difficult to have the books I want to read, because the most of the puplishers wants readers from US, Canada, UK or Australia, but it was a huge moment for me that I was accepted.

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Last month of the year, last moments errands, family reunions, cooking,  but I managed to read as many books as I could to reach my “Goodread book challenge” and I did it! Whoo Whoo…Yeah! This year was a big challenge and also a suprise for me. It was my dream to start something common with the world of books and my blog was the first step to begin with. Small steps at a time, I wish and hope, the new year will bring me closer into the fulfillment of my dream.

I want to say a big THANKS again to NetGalley for the new two books they gave my this month to read, Reading Deals Review Club for the daily update of books and the authors who gave me some of their ARC’s for a chance of my honest review. I’m honored to be a part of your world this year and always.


Love you all


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