Book Review “On the Rocks” by Sawyer Bennett

On the Rocks

Last Call series #1

Sawyer Bennett


Sensual couple


Released date Feb 17, 2014
Stand-alone | 260 pages | New Adult – College Romance
by Sawyer Bennett





(adapted from goodreads)

He left to travel the world for fame and glory, but only after spurning Gabby Ward and crushing her young heart. Now Hunter Markham has come back home to the sand and salty breeze of the North Carolina Outer Banks so he can open up Last Call, a beach bar nestled among the dunes of the Atlantic.

Gabby Ward is not happy that Hunter has returned. Bitter over his rebuff years before, she’s content to stay far away from him and his dangerously charming ways.

Gabby’s well-schemed plans to ignore Hunter go up in flames when he presents an offer to her that she simply can’t refuse, throwing them together in a common quest to each reach their goals. Working together day in and day out proves to be problematic for Gabby, who soon realizes that the feelings she had for him are still very much alive. Hunter struggles to reach through to Gabby’s cold heart, all while starting a new career away from his life as a top ranked, professional surfer.

What starts out as a mutual business arrangement soon turns into a passion that neither of them can continue to deny.

Hard choices lay ahead for both of them when Hunter is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to return to the pro surfing tour.

Choices that could destroy what they have built or take them further than they ever had dared to hope.



“Hunter Markham has the ability not just to hurt me. He’s a man that could destroy me.” ~ Gabby

Right after graduation high school, Gabby and her best friend, Casey, went out to celebrate their adultness to every single beach party on Hatteras Island, having Casey’s brother Hunter and his best friend Wyatt follow their toes, to make sure the girls will have fun and be alright. That night and after a lot of drinking, Gabby decided to make her move on her many years crush, Hunter, when she had a time alone with him, and when the moment was right, she kissed him. Unprepared but spellbound, Hunter kissed her back full forse, but when his view cleared enough, he pussed her away and crashed her feelings, with the most harsh words her ears had listened from him till then.

Five years have passed from that incident and too many things have changed. Except one!

Hunter Markham, 27 now, is one of the most popular, smoky hot but yet best surfer this world has ever known. He came back home to North Carolina Outer Banks, after his decision to retire from his surfing career, and opened a beach bar, as a move to be near and supporting to his tween brother Brody, who was fresh out of prison. He took him as a bartender at his bar and tried to open up and bring back old Brody, as he used to be before his arest and imprisonment. Working that way of thoughts, Hunter desided to make an extension at his bar, considering on what construction business will give his project. A bigger concern made its appearence when Gabby Ward called him, wanted to close an appointment with him about his beach bar project. What will happen on their daily encounter if they work together, when both of them show the worst of themselves when they are in the same room?

Gabby Ward, 23 now, made her decision to dropped out college and come back home, after her dad’s death, three years ago. Her only concern was to keep Ward Construction alive and not leave it die along with him. She knew the business very well! She was a natural at it and even if she was a woman in a men’s world, she got her contractors license and worked her ass to keep this business open. Considering closing down Ward Constructions, Gabby decited to put in a bid on the constuction project Hunter Markham announced he want to make, with the thought of, closing this deal she will have more new offers and of course, she will be finally has the respect of the men contractors and to feel trustworthy for customers. Her only doubt was, how she could manage to stay away from Hunter in daily basis. Because, after that kiss, she tried to avoid him, no matter what, but she couldn’t decline their families gatherings, and those days she was all but bitter words at him. All those years, secretly, she build high walls inside her, so he never again broke her heart.

Gabby’s bid has been accepted, although her bad attitude against Hunter throughout the meeting, and now she determined to face her fears using her professionalism and maturity to reduce them. After this point, plus the moment which Hunter couldn’t stand keep his hands down, both main characters started to build their newfound relationship, inside and outside the extension. It was an enjoyable journey, watching them be connected and admired each other’s life, as the story went on. It was beautiful to see Gabby exceed her fears and finally have Hunter as she always wanted. I believe that all her actions where made only to protect her feelings from more pain. She was still heartbroken after Hunter’s detestation, something he truly regretted afterwards, so when they finally started to see each other more offen outside work, she didn’t believed that what ever they might have was more than sex between adults. Her ability to lower herself as a person when she wasn’t with him, is so understadable. Even when Hunter encouraged her and showed her that he cares deeply for her, she still had that doubt that things will be over for them sooner or later.

“On the Rocks” almost had it all! Fights and make outs, drama and romance, unbroken friendships and broken souls, but most of all, it has the deep trust and recognition Gabby and Hunter had for each other. If Gabby didn’t had her selfdoupts about her self, I’m possitive she would be like Hunter. He was the only one stable with his feelings and what he wanted to do with his life, no matter what life brings to his door. He was the keeper in this story without being annoying or relegated for him. I like it that way! I liked that I had his POV into the story too, because it cleared faster what was going on into his mind. Plus, I liked that the last two chapters were written in this direction which didn’t gave much about what was going to be afterwards. Smart move from Sawyer! I even had two other possible endings in my mind, of what will might going to be but she totally blown my mind with her end. Thinking back, it was the best end they deserved to have.

I liked Sawyer’s storytell! It was quick flow, never boring, with smart dialogs and intrigue moments. True love never dies my friends! Stunning book boyfriends are always on top of my list, particularly when they know what they want, without being dramatic. The same goes for my book girlfriends. I know female genre is the most sensitive one and also the most unreasonable, most of the times, but that’s what makes the story more interesting about it. How she will finally accept what ever goes infront of her and her feelings. I love when I can be full connected with the characters and live with them every moment in the story and this books it certainly gave that feeling to me. Bennett has aslo presented many interesting, secondary characters which I’ll love to read about them soon and I count that I’ll might have few new scenes with Gabby and Hunter in them too.

Thank you Kendall Ryan for the free book you send me and this new author you recommended me.
I truly loved Sawyer Bennett and “On the Rocks”. Till next book wish you all Happy Reading.



Detailed rating:

Book rates: 5 stars
  • Plot:5 stars
  • Characters: 5stars
  • Writing:5 stars
  • Pacing: 5 stars
  • Cover: 5 stars


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