#Review “Stalemate” by Ginger Sharp


by Ginger Sharp




Released date Aug 15, 2014
Stand-alone | 275 pages |Contemporary Romance
by Gigner Sharp





(adapted from goodreads)


Tony Verducci is a single father with a brooding Jersey-sized chip on his shoulder about life, love, and women. Cassi York is a trusting California Girl who expects the best out of everyone and is slowly becoming disillusioned about romance and men.

When these two lost neighbors meet, sparks fly, tempers flare, and both learn to deal with the baggage in their mutual lives. Stalemate is a modern day story about how opposites attract regardless of their rocky pasts and present situations.

Can Tony and Cassi prove that love can always find a way, or will they lose each other in the rough waters of New Jersey.



Tony Verducci is narrating the story. He is a single parent of a little girl, Izzy, and lives in an apartment complex alone with her. Been serious addicted to drugs when he was nineteen, he made the mistake and knock up his one-night stand, who, in the end, accepted to leave her child with it’s father and never look back. For the day one, Tony left behide his future dreams and focused on his little girl future and needs, having his parents on his side to help him in every way. Working as a bar tender and as security guard, he earn their daily living but he had also a secret income which no one knew about it but it wasn’t a welcome one for him either.

One day, a young woman moved at the aparmant complex and everything he wanted and needed from life till then started to change for Tony. Cassi York, was twenty-one and not single. She moved to New Jersey from California, before her boyfriend joins her and she started to work as a veterinarian at the Veterinary Hospital. Everything went smooth the first week of her arrival, even if she was a little more friendly with Tony from the beginning, something that annoying him very much, until bad news came with her boyfriend’s arrival. He was already engaged!!

After that, their connection was instant but Tony didn’t wanted a dead-end relationship. He was up to long terms and only if Cassi was open to this thought Tony would be able to end his secret income and be confrond the consequences of his actions. Soon enough, we’ll see them get closer and closer together, Cassi shows her love for Izzy and her support about Tony’s secret that finally ended it and opened his heart to her. Their problems, tho, didn’t end there and once more Tony had to try to overcome his personal boundaries and tried to have his HEA end. And he succeeded!

I’m feeling wordless and realy sad, about the book review I’m going to share with you. So, I’ll make it quick and wish not to affect your decision much! I was provided with a free copy of this book so I could give a honest review.

The book as a storytell is interesting. Two different and the same time common lives, crossed together and create a tough path to traverse. The personal story of Cassi and the unspoken past of Tony were the diamonds of the book, in my opinion. However, it has so many gaps and flaws that made it realy hard for me to connect with the characters and their actions. Tony, in particular, looked so confident and down to earth guy, in the beginning of the story but so confusing and uncertain after that. Sometimes, I thought that his comments where comming from a woman’s mind than a man like him. I understand complitely his past but I could only see him acting and thinking as a confident male when he was thinking or fulfil his thoughts when he was with Cassi…in bed. After that, what ever circumstances where happened he was all scared and uncool.

Ginger Sharp wanted to show the daily life of a BDSM submissive outside their boundage and Dom, added some action on it, but didn’t had the right impact on me, as I truly wished it could have. Most of the problem was Tony’s inner thoughts, which weren’t very enlighting enough, and after a point, his actions and comments as well. Even if he was damaged I wish he could act more as a confident (alpha) male than throw himself on the ground every time he felt scared. Then it might be way more intrigue and interesting to read it. So, these are my thoughts about “Stalemate”. I honestly don’t decide not to read an other book of Ginger. Maybe it wasn’t my type or something like that. Now, I’m looking forward to read something else written by her soon.



Detailed rating:

Book rates: 3 stars
  • Plot: 3+ stars
  • Characters: 3 stars
  • Writing:3 stars
  • Pacing: 3 stars
  • Cover: 3+ stars

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