ARC Review New Release “Hostile” by Leila Haven


(Military Men)

by Leila Haven




Release date Dec 1, 2015
Stand-alone | 173pages | Military – Romance
by Leila haven





(adapted from goodreads)

Back home, there wasn’t a woman who could say no to me.
There wasn’t a woman in town that could convince me to go back to my place instead of theirs.
Once I blew my load, I was gone. I didn’t have time for love.

But this isn’t back home. This is the middle of a God damn war zone and I haven’t scored a woman in months. The pressure built up between my legs is unbearable.

Then she comes around with that smokin’ hot body. Taunting me with it every chance she gets.
Worse yet, the damn woman won’t shut up.
Of course she’s a reporter. Of course she wants answers.
She’s nothing but trouble.

If only I realized just how much trouble. This girl turned my world upside down and I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.

Hostile is a standalone romance with hot sex, strong language, and an HEA.



I’m honored to reseive a copy from the Smutpire press for exchange of a honest review. Truly honored!

I loved reading “Hostile”! It was so pleasantly easy to read, never left me hanging or boring. Instead I was captivated by the storytale, by the situations the chatacters where into, living me no space to think things different than they where, but most of all, I loved that Leila wanted both of their POVs to be in the story. The way the two main characters complements each others story is the most welcome part inside a story. Furthermore, Leila’s writing was what I always said about uniqueness of writing. It’s great to be connected easily with the story and the characters, but it’s greater when you wished the story to never ends. Even if there wasn’t strong emotional situations into the story, it was a great story to read.

So what’s happening in the story?

Adriana is a journalist. She wanted to tell stories, to give voice to those that nobody would listen, that’s why she went to Afghanistan. She was into a story about how families live there in the middle of a war, something that american people don’t see offen, but she was detained by american military. Waiting, with few other americans, to be transferred to another area and back to US, it was something Adriana wasn’t interesting in but she couldn’t do much about it. However, she didn’t kept her dislike for herself! Even when she met Corporal Watson, the handsome Cosporal Watson, she couldn’t behave herself. She was reactive and scathing in her comments about the reason of her hostage. But she couldn’t knew better!

On the other hand, Corporal Watson was, what I imagine, a hot militaly can be, not in a bear size but muscular, training, strong and deadly hot in his uniform. Not to mention his captivating blue eyes, his dark hair and sexy stubble! He was there about four months and his mission this time was to transfer few americans back home. It was a tough job to accomplish but he had to do it, and knowing there was a woman between the americans, made it even more difficult to him.

The escort to the border failed! On this side of earth, you are going to make it or be dead because, Talibans are everywhere, armed and dangerous for every foreign be on their land. Their vehicle was attacted by a Taliban and they had to continue by feet to the next village, wishing to find an american base and save themselves. But they had to splite, arranging to come back on the same spot, at night and plan their next move. Watson and Adriana stayed together, trying to avoid the heat of the desert, the residents and, of course, Talibans. It was difficult, and when they came back on the arranging spot and no one was there, things changed dramaticaly! They were now alone!!!

Every page was intense! Every thought, every scene, what every situation Adriana and Derrick had to deal until the end, was real. They didn’t lost their courage and their target to stay alive, even when things were “life or death”. That part is beyong words!! And the sex was necessary! When you don’t know what next day will bring and you are alone with a man (or a woman) you are connected somehow with him (or her), then sex is fully justified. And both had so tanglible chemistry! It was the reason I wanted them to stay together and have a happy ending…after what they been through.

Don’t miss that book!! If you like militar adventures you are going to love this one!



Detailed rating:

Book rates: 5 stars
  • Plot: 5 stars
  • Characters: 5+ stars
  • Writing:5+ stars
  • Pacing: 5 stars
  • Cover: 5+ stars

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