New Release “The Alastair Affair Book 1” by Scarlett Edwards

The Alastair Affair

by Scarlett Edwards



November 7, 2015
Serie | 96 pages | Dark – Suspence Romance
by Scarlett Edwards

goodreads  Kindle


(adapted from Goodreads)

Book One

It was supposed to be simple: A chance to get away for one summer and explore an old castle in the English countryside.

A chance to discover the secrets of the past.

I was supposed to be alone. Just me, a backpack full of books, and boundless enthusiasm in my heart.

But I was not alone.

He was there.

Sylvain Alastair.

A man of power, mystery, and great wealth.

A man of darkness.

He lured me in and made me his. I sensed the raw, twisted desires inside him… and gave into them.

My lust for him became insatiable. He was my darkness. I was his light. I brought out his need for domination. He brought out my need to submit.

And there, locked away in his castle… he taught me the pleasures and pains of The Black Tower.

Series Disclaimer:

The Alastair Affair is a dark romance series that includes elements of psychological and physical abuse coupled with suspense.

The characters are not meant to depict a BDSM relationship. In fact, there is no BDSM. There is only the darkness of one man’s mind… and the pains a young girl will go through to break into his heart.

The series ends in a HEA… but the journey there will be dark, and very twisted.


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