Author Teaser #3 “Four Weeks Fiance 2” by J.S Cooper

Four Weeks Fiance #Teaser

by J.S. Cooper

When a book is going to be publish soon and we want to know so much about it before we buy it, authors create their book teasers and make us anxious and wanted for their release. Click to the image and you will be linked to pre-order it.

Four Weeks Fiance

Coming November 24.2015


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Teasers From the Author

(Adapted from Facebook)



Dear TJ,

Do you remember the day that you asked me to never forget you? A simple request. I didn’t think much of it. We were young then. “Never forget me you said”, your eyes bright and hopeful. “Of course, I’d never forget you,” I said, as I giggled. I’ve never imagined a time when you wouldn’t be in my mind. How could I forget the boy that meant so much to me? This was even before I knew what that feeling was. How could I ever forget the man whose smiles and frowns turned my heart upside down? I thought I’d go to my grave waiting for you, if that was how long it took, such was my love.

I gave up today. The pain is too much. My heart is too sore. I can’t wait anymore. I don’t want to keep falling falling falling into your abyss of a soul. I don’t want to remember you. I don’t want to see your smiles for anyone, but me. It drives me crazy, wanting you so badly, but not being able to tell you, not being able to love you. I never imagined a longing so cutting, an aching so unfamiliar. I never knew what it was to feel brokeninpieces. When you look into my eyes and smile, it still lights up my heart. It still makes me feel like I’m special. How I wish that were true.

So I’m sorry, I can’t honor my promise. I can’t never forget you. I can’t do this anymore.


Dear Mila,

You were wearing a white shirt with a green cardigan. Your hair was pulled back, slightly messy. You had on a soft pink lipstick, light mascara. You were excited because you were going to a concert the next day with Sally and you had good seats. You were dancing around the living room with a water bottle singing along to some horrible Top 40 song. You stopped abruptly when you saw me standing there watching you. And then you started laughing. And then I started laughing and you threw a couch cushion at me for laughing at you. Even though, I told you I was laughing with you. Your eyes narrowed and you glared at me and I laughed some more, my eyes on your lips, wondering for the briefest of seconds what it would be like to kiss you. Then you walked closer to me and hit me in the shoulder and I moved back abruptly, slightly uncomfortable at the touch. Not because I didn’t like you, but because it made me feel something electrifying. A wave of worry and disappointment crossed your features for the briefest of seconds when I stepped back. And I knew I’d hurt you. And I hated that. I then reached over, brushed a wisp of hair from in front of your eyes and you grinned at me. And in that moment, in that moment, I knew you were someone special. And I said to you, “Promise me that you’ll never forget me and that we’ll always be friends.” I said that “if anything ever happens to us and we are ever split by a continent or some unknown situation, I want you to always remember me and to wait, to wait for me to find you, because I would always find you and I would always remember you.” And you smiled at me happily and said, “of course, you’d never forget me.” And my heart beat then, for what felt like the first time. And I knew that in that moment, I would do anything to keep you in my memory. In my heart. In my soul.

So yes, dear Mila, I remember that moment. I remember every moment. I know it seems like I have an abyss of a soul, but I don’t. The hardest part of being me is holding back from you when all I want to do is hold you close for an eternity.

You don’t have to honor your promise, but I’ll always be here. I’ll always remember you and I’ll always be here waiting. Waiting for the day when it doesn’t have to be this hard.



“We could have had it all.”
“Or we could have had nothing.” TJ’s voice was stiff and cold.
“I loved you.”
“Loved? I thought love never died.”
“It died.”
“So then, maybe it wasn’t love.”
“You’re an ass.”
“I’m just saying how it is. If you loved me, past tense, then maybe it wasn’t really love.”
“Yeah, maybe it wasn’t.”
“Just lust.”
“You wish.”
“Infatuation then.”
“Yeah, that’s it.”
“I’m not obsessed.”
“Maybe I was.”
“You were?”
“I see.”
“Maybe it hurt too much.”
“Being obsessed hurt?”
“Then what?”
“Being in love.” His words were soft now.
“With yourself?”
“No. With someone where the thought of ever having to say goodbye was too hard to handle.”
“I see.”
“Do you?”
“Maybe some part of me just knew.”
“Knew what?” I was annoyed now.
“It doesn’t matter.” He shook his head.
“Okay.” I said and turned away, then looked towards him and smiled brightly. “I think I’m going to go home now. I’ve things to do.” My heart thudded painfully, but I didn’t want him to see, didn’t want him to know just how badly he’d hurt me.
“It doesn’t die.” He said softly, his eyes gazing into mine with a light of desperation and sadness.
“What doesn’t die?”
“Love. If you had really loved me, it wouldn’t have died.” He half-smiled and I stared back at him for what seemed like an eternity before turning away. It was in that moment that I gave up on him, on us, on everything I’d seen in my minds eye. It was in that moment that I knew that he could never be my one. He, who had turned my world around, didn’t get me, didn’t understand me, didn’t realize that after all these years, he was everything to me. The end had come before the beginning and I was finally letting go.

Are you ready? Four Week Fiance 2 will be out on December 8th,



Four weeks fiance 2


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