Book Review “Call Me Killer” by Linda Barlow

Call Me Killer

A Bad Boy Romance

by Linda Barlow



Released Nov 1, 2015
Stand-alone| 491 pages | Action – Adventure romance
by Linda Barlow

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(adapted from goodreads)

She doesn’t know they call me Killer.

Used to be I could get any woman I wanted…
I had the Harley, the tats, the ripped bod, the badass attitude.
No ties, no commitments, no limits, no worries.
Until a girl I was seeing vanished.
And the whole damn town decided I murdered her.
I became the perp, the creep, the monster, the killer.

Then into my snarled-up wreck of a life comes Rory.
She’s sassy, inquisitive, super-smart and smokin’ hot.
Silly girl believes I’m innocent.
She’s even trying to prove it.
But she’s got no freaking clue what she’s messing with.

She’s not my type.
She’s way out of my league.
So why does my heart clutch every time I nail her?
Why do I keep her trapped in my home, bound to my bed?
I can’t quit her.
Now that she’s mine, ain’t no way in hell I’m letting her go.

Call Me Killer is a full-length, standalone novel with hot sex, strong language, and an HEA.


“Call me killer” is a love story, full of suspense, strong language and some hot, steamy BDSM scenes, which put the story in an upper level than the usual romantic tales are. Very well writen by Linda Barlow, with smart dialogs and an interesting, dangerous theme to narrate, this book will keep you a nice company and will give you a HEA in the end. I realy like that kind of books! Never bored to read them!

Griffin O’Malley, is a man with a bad record! The people said that he killed his girlfriend, well, everybody thought that he done it, because they where together as a couple and had a fight, but they never found her body over the year she is missing. It just vanished! And no one believed that he didn’t do it! Badass attitude, with no limits and worries about what to do in his life, he lived daily only for his job and to get laid some nights with stranger women. So, every other plan he had for his future before, had vanished along with his girlfriend Hadley. Until, a strange girl came into his life, without warning or clue about him, agetate his world.

Rory McKay (known as Lorelei McKenna)is a genious at MIT college, a geek of computer land but she came from a very famous family. Very famous and wealthy family! Having the spring vacations of her college, and trying to avoid the reunion with her mother, she decides to go in a place she knew well, leaving no trace behide. But things got out of her hands, she’s been in a real trouble with a man that night, when a car pull near them, and without second thoughts resque herself from her predator, getting inside that car. She was realy one of a kind girl! I owe her for her bright mind, strong will and free spirit. A badass girl in fact…

Griff was out of place when a soaking-wet girl crashed into his car, asking him to get the hell out of there. He was about to fix the situation when she said something about a gun and a boom sounded like a shotgun, so he hit the gas and left the place. He wasn’t dummy, so he asked a lot of things about this strange girl but Rory had her issues, so she answered as mush as she could without betrayed her identity. She had to stay unknown to him.

Getting more into the story, we saw Rory trying to help Griff to clean his name from the murder stigma, as a thank you for resque her that night. She was a lot of a “bad” influence in the beginning for Griffin. She invided into his space, his place, his computer, him mind…The only thing he wanted most is to put her in the first train and leave all these problems behide him.

Easy to say so!

Rory had her mind fixed and nothing could stop her. It was like something pull her to help him. And the more she was into it, the more they getting somewhere. Until, people with influense and money came across their research and things that where obvious to everyone, changed in a split of a second. Rory and Griffin connected with each other hard, body and soul, but the ghost of Hadley’s was there to keep them apart. Until, Griff explaned why he was into BDSM…

Griff was a Dom, not with the literally meaning of the word tho. He liked to be in control, to take what he needed and enjoy the pleasure of been in control on the scene. He liked it and he was good at it. But he didn’t like to have a submissive as any other Dom. Didn’t like to be in the circles of secret clubs or to use dangerous paths to pleasure his partners. He wasn’t that psycho! But Hadley was and whole situation got crazy between them…

The story ends with most of the secrets to be dissolved, even Rory’s past was now known from Griffin, who respond to the news “kind of badly”, but the biggest secret was still well-kept. After a realy hot, intimidating, mind-spinning, sexy as hell scene with Griff showing his real self in the bed with Rory, you could only imagine that the two of them will be together. Would they? But of course! I said that already!

Beautiful, beautiful story! I recomment you to read it.

I was provided with a ARC from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Enjoy reading



Detailed rating:

Book rates: 4+ stars
  • Plot: 4+ stars
  • Characters: 4+ stars
  • Writing: 4+ stars
  • Pacing: 5 stars
  • Cover: 5 stars


Call Me Killer

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