Welcome November…

Happy November everyone!!


Don’t know what November will bring me this year but I wish to be realy awesome and funny, than the last one. I realy had a tough November last year. All alone, with kids, working a full time job, without everyday help from my family. My hubby went aboard to find a job because he couldn’t find one here. Too much unhappiness….Last November sucks!!!

But this time, I won’t let it ruin my good mood. Even if things are still hard in my country and my life, economic and social, I have to live my life and do my bests for me and my family.  After all, what I need is to all be healthly and strong, then all the others will come with the right amount of trying.

My only plan for this month is to find a job for myself, which is unlike with what happening this period of time, but I’ll keep trying. Other than that, I’ll be here, doing what I love most, *reading *reviewing *sharing… *writing…

So, hope all of you to have an awesome, funny November. Whole your plans for this month to be complite, stay healthy and strong, and don’t forget about me! Please!…

Lots of love



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