Book Review Desire (Jane Parkett) by R.G. Winter


(Jane Parkett)

by R.G. Winter



Released Oct 17, 2015
Serie| 105pages | Contemporary romance
by R.G. Winter


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(adapted from goodreads)

The world Jane Parkett lives in consists of early mornings, long nights, and the rush of closing a deal. As a new junior analyst at one of the top financial firms in the country, she is determined to rise through the ranks and become partner one day. For the longest time, Jane thought that all she needed in life was her dream job. But when Franklin McKinnon waltzed into her life, throwing insults and sharp jabs her way, the world that Jane envisioned begins to crumble. As she opens herself up to new experiences, Jane learns that with new territory, comes new fears, new enemies, and an even greater love.


3+ stars #Review

“I really like you. And if you want, I’d like to keep this going past tomorrow.”

I like Desire! Although it’s written in third person, I like it. It gives a different perspective to the readers while they read the story. It’s feels like you can understand the persons involved in the story but you still be the viewer, not someone who can be attached with them. However, I truly can’t wait to start reading the second book, called Dedication so I can find out what would happen to them in the end.

Although, the first book does not shows (describes) any sex scenes at all, I wish that the second one will definitely has something to give us. However, R.G. has written it quite well, putting down a kind of workplace so hard and, sometimes, mean, using very interesting dialogs and, of course, gave the reality of being in love is nothing to do with what is your day work.

As the synopsis described above, the story set’s us inside the walls of one of the top financial firms in Chicago. Huge deals agreed inside that walls, so if you are not as stronghead and as determined to succeed, don’t bother be here. You won’t survive!

Jane Parkett, though, is a survivor! She does have those strong innate motions but she’s a hard worker and love hers job very very much as well. After all, is realy difficult to work in the world of suits! Her time as intern finally ends and now she is one of the seven new junior analysts this firm has hired and one of the two assistants who’ll join one of the best analyst’s team this firm has. Huge!!!

So far so good! So where “Desire” has it’s meaning? Inside Franklin’s McKinnon name, I suppose, and I can only say the obvious! When two people work in the same workplace, trying one to qualife more from the other, love would come. That’s what everybody’s saying right? Especially if each of them has a beautiful face…and body! Not bad at all!

Franklin McKinnon has everything he needs. Good manners, beautiful face, great body, sharp, determined mind,…he owns the room! Oh, he is wealthy too (as always these men are) but he has one little thing that makes him more attractive. He has a good heart! He is, eventually. However, he makes Jane’s world a living hell every day. Yes, he is arrogant and sassy and overbearing and he wants her “out” of his way so he would be a parner of this firm. I hated him then!!!!

Jane knows that, he even said it out loud at her on their first day as jouniors. So she fell mind and soul on her everyday work schedule and do great. All she needed was some encourangment for her hard work and she find it in the friendship of one of other colleagues, Rebecca, who was a junior analyst as Jane but worked in other team. Rebecca’s boss help Jane’s doupt to dissolve too. But when Jane’s team succeed on a project, the fog of her doupt disappeared. She realy did a good job.

Franklin show a different face few days after they became junior analysts. He’s interest has grew right after their good work on their project. Few drinks together, after their boss dismiss them for the day, put together Franklin’s great manners on full display, Jane couldn’t resist her needs any more. One night became two, then a week and we seeing them fix on each other perfectly. Time passes, they are together almost a year and things are going so fabulous between them. But do they realy?

The end of the first book leaves you uncertain and a little bit mad about the way the first story ended. The good news is that book 2 is already been published so I won’t wait long to read it. Review stops here! I don’t want to spoil anything. If you intrigued, first book is free at amazon.

Lot’s of love


Detailed rating:

Book rates: 3+ stars
  • Plot: 4 stars
  • Characters: 4 stars
  • Writing: 3+ stars
  • Pacing: 4 stars
  • Cover: 5 stars


Desire by R.G. Winter

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