Bla Bla Land #1

Welcome to Bla Bla Land


Hello everyone!

For start, I want to thank all of you, for following me from the beginning and after, and like my posts when you can. I’m new, without experience but I love reading books and all I want is, to be a part of this magnificent world.

Time to know me little more…

I don’t have various genres at this point in time (think you already acknowledge that) and I will keep it that way for a while, because the number of books I have to read, kindle and paperpacks, is huge. Not literally huge but for my account definitely looks like it.

My daily free time is confined, doing all these usual errands, a non employee mother do daily, plus trying to catch updates for my blog and read. Nothing better to do realy (except going for a run) when my country has economical problems and ppl don’t have jobs or earn little by it. I lost my job almost a year ago because of this crisis and it’s so hard to find an other now. Don’t lose my faith tho!

Looking back, I wasn’t the type of girl who will disappear inside a book. This girl appeared suddenly few years ago, when I first saw the “Twilight” movie. That time, I had create my first fb account and one girl I followed (now a very good friend) told me about “Twilight saga” books. The spark had lit! After buying both four books within three months, and read them five times each until the last movie was out, I continue with “Uglies serie”, then with Paullina’s Simons “The Bronze Horseman” which was my first sight inside romance genre, I came thru…E L James and “Fifty Shades trilogy” and my life turned a hundred eighty of it’s axis.

I couldn’t believe myself how badly I was affected and I didn’t felt guilty for speding the nights reading one book after the other, non stop. At first, I only marked the dates I start reading the book and after the finishing date was marked too as well. Then, in an unexpected moment, I found out about Goodreads and my personal reading saw the light! Finally I found countless books to choose, many authors to follow and a community who talks about books. Then was my first attempt to start reviewing and I did that because I wanted to remember what I read in the book and how I felt when I reading it. Now I read them, they where small reviews and didn’t explain much about the story, so I might re-read the books again and leave the review they deserve.

I want to close with a big THANK YOU, to all of you ppl whom I follow here, because you inspired me how to create this blog and how to make it better. You have amazing accounts, you are talented and wish you keep it that way. So THANK YOU again and wish you a great week.




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