ARC Review Landon by E.A.Knight (Scarlett Edwards)


by E.A. Knight (known as Scarlett Edwards)


Coming October 23, 2015
Stand-alone| 445 pages | Contemporary romance
by E.A Knight (Scarlett Edwards)



” I’m Celeste. I’m not exactly innocent, but I’m not entirely a slut, either.”

…And here is how the story starts!

Even by the synopsis below you can understand how the story is going to be. Right? Right. But we are talking about Scarlett Edwards style of writing so, many things could change in the middle of the story, she would mess with our minds and feelings, she would tied us on the fuss of crazy incidents and never let us out. Crazy? Yes! That’s why I LOVE her as a writer.

Celeste is a graduate Literature student, on her first semester, at the University of Chicago. She is living in an appartment with an old bestie of hers from high school and she only wants to settle herself and be the best friend, she used to be in the past, for her friend Summer. I like Celeste! Even if she is cynical in the way she see’s life and close about her feelings, she is tender and sweet for the ones she cares.

Summer, on the other hand, gives us the view of a party-girl who lives life in full, acknowledging nothing more than what is in her sight of view. She has few enlightening’s about her friendship with Celeste but that’s it. Not much more to say about it.

“I’ve been watching you all night.”

Here is Landon! He’s handsome, he’s magnificent, he’s…stunning! He can do all things a woman needs to feel full, to feel ecstatic, to feel wanted, to fell…lust! Yes, he does all that and so much more you never imagine. Landon came full forse in Celeste life as a mysterious and alluring stranger, few nights before semester begins. That night was a sinful night for both of them. That night was the beginning of their turbulent relationship. That night was the end of what they thought they were living for so long. That night was a gift from fate…It was their chance for a real, true love!

Should I continue? Should I say more? It’s too soon for teasers. Right?
I don’t want to either. I can only share my thoughts and feelings, and jeez there are so many. I was stunned, ecstatic by the capturing of their love scenes. They were so sinful but yet so tempting. Their passion of each other was undeniable, so right but yet…

I’m closer with Celeste’s feelings. I can understand her, her fears, her stuffiness. She’s headstrong about her life being and she knows where she stand’s. It’s hard to see her strungle with her thoughts, her rules, her feelings and her ifs. I cried in so many scenes supporting her, but I smile and laugh when she or Landon teased each other but still my heart’s dropped, my mind’s been liquid and I finally know the reason of the title.

I’m so glad I had the pleasure to have an ARC copy from E.A. Knight (Scarlett) in exchange for a honest review. I’m so happy I had the chance to read this magnificent story! It is a page turning story, as every other book Scarlett wrote, with stunning plus sinful love scenes, with a story-tail which will leave you thinking about it after you finish it and of course, it has Scarlett’s signature, so you won’t be disappointed.



Detailed rating:

Book rates: 5+ stars
  • Plot: 5+ stars
  • Characters: 5+ stars
  • Writing: 5+ stars
  • Pacing: 5+ stars
  • Cover: 5+ stars


Can one night change your life? I never thought so.
But can one night with the right man change everything?
I am about to find out…

Fearful of exposing the secret she’s been hiding for years, Celeste Adams never lets feelings seep into her relationships with men. But when one sinful night introduces her to a gorgeous stranger she cannot simply forget, her resolve to remain unattached is threatened…

She resists the temptation to seek out more, while forging ahead on plans to recreate herself as a graduate student at the University of Chicago. And she does just fine, until that very same stranger waltzes back into her life as the very sexy, and very unattainable…

Professor James Landon.

… Suddenly our lives are thrown together on a collision course of the deepest passions. Neither of us knows how far this will lead. How powerful these feelings will become.
Or, that our love is doomed from the very start.

Κράτα το


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