Book Review This Man #1 by Jodi Ellen Malpas

This Man

by Jodi Ellen Malpas


“…I’m vaguely aware of arms wrapped aroung me, rocking me back and forth. But they don’t comfort me…”

It’s what the end will bring after all this passionate and increadible powerful relationship Ava had with Jesse. It was a relationship full of passion, lust and unspoken love. Am I mentioned the lust? Well, as Jodi described him, he was a God after all!!

Jesse Ward is a heart crusher, a mind blowing, an unreasonable devastatingly handsome, HOT as hell alpha male (have I full fill you yet?) with a dark past which doesn’t want to share but he wants something. He wants Ava and he wants her no matter what! No one can pass his wants, not even Ava! His ace is his persistence, well, I mean one of his aces, he has so many! His best one is his performance in bed, or on the kitchen island, or in the bathroom or…Ok! The man have it down to a fine art! (Ava’s words, not mine) So who is she to deny him? Or me? Right?

Ava O’ Shea, was out of a blue when she met Jesse. Ready to live her new free-spirit life, after two long term relationships, with a successful job in her hands, Ava’s only thoughts were to find a place to live on her own, to organize her life and live easy. Her roommate, Kate, was her best friend and her rock when Ava needed a support shoulder. So, when Ava had her first “Jesse Ward impact”, Kate was the one who could be addressed. And she was stunned too! Not to blame her!!!

Things were so intense when they were together. Newfound feelings made their show on their behavior and they didn’t knew how to handle them. They didn’t even knew how to handle their passion for each other! When they were together, their bodies take action and fired up the temperature in high levels. The best, hot sex scenes EVER!!! Yes….EVER! And his words in the middle of the action…WHOW! These lines where enough to send you on “Central Jesse Cloud Nine” and never want to leave! NEVER!! Can I have one of him for myself? Huh?

Few weeks together but from the start Jesse was hot temper, crazy stalker, unreasonable possessive and persisted about their affair but never explained the real reasons to be like this. So Ava, when she finally start to fall in love with him, was a complite slave of her feelings and tried to fight him for been so unreasonable and not open to her. What was his problem after all?

As a reader, I understand what Jesse hide from Ava, I can understand the reason why he didn’t wanted to show it, I even understand his true feelings for her but I hardly understand why he was so affraid of these feelings and not be open up without egotism and misconceptions. After all, he was in love with Ava!! He only said the right things when they had their passion moments and afterwards, he smashed the moment with the wrong words. Couldn’t blame Ava for been hesitated to open up!

As for Ava, she was so affected by Jesse so she couldn’t see clear beyond him and what was realy happening in her life or his, and there were plenty. She only tried to get him of her skin when he was unreasonable but the only thing she could accomplish was to make him more unreasonable and sexy if you ask me!!! But I can understand the why and you will too, if you read the book.

Now, don’t stay at the first lines I wrote, after all this is a sequel and so many things will change after. This book isn’t the end! Jodi Ellen Malpas written a very powerful, intense “love” story, which I enjoy reading it on every page, every scene, every line. It is page turning after all! And the creation of these two increadible beautiful characters is the reason for the success of this trilogy.

This was my second time reading, an effort to leave a good review about a book I truly loved. Even if I can’t put myself in Ava’s shoes complitely, I can imagine how difficult would be to have Jesse’s presence all the time and try to be unaffected. You bloody can’t!! His power and beauty are the keys on this book and Jodi made them perfectly clear from the beginning of it. In every chapter, Jodi bild Jesse’s temperament so carefully, that no one can stand him and no one can stay away from him. I still wonder how a woman writer can create so perfect a man character, but after all I’m not a writer to know! Jodi create the ultimate male character, in my opinion, even if I’m in the bone fifty slash Christian fan.

Jesse is alpha on everything! End off….

Enjoy reading This Man, like I have and continue with the next two of the sequel. You will definitely love them too.


Κράτα το


4 thoughts on “Book Review This Man #1 by Jodi Ellen Malpas

    1. Yes it’s very frustrating but that’s why we love them. Right? I see same actions in real life but without the frustration of sexuality to make them(us) forget the unreasonableness of the other. That is reality! Maybe will must start to write men romance books so they could know what we want from them. Just a thought!
      Thank you for you comment Libby. It’s realy means a lot for me. Hope you have a lovely day! :*)

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