Book Review Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James

11857408Reading Darker after Grey was a revolution! Even if it’s the eighth time I read Darker so far, it was the first time I had an insight from Christian’s thoughts and feelings, and that helped me much more to understand what is going on with him but only at the first chapters. After a point he was unbelievable open with his feelings, enlightening me more about himself.

So, what’s going on with Darker? Why everybody loves it much more than the others two?

First of all, it’s a book of “second chances”. Who doesn’t love second chances? I am, don’t you? Knowing that, after the way they broke up, they both can’t live their life without the other, won’t you give them a second chance and let them be? The beating was nothing infrond the enormous hole Ana had in her heart after that. Her pain thought to not seeing him again was huge, was unbearable.
Leaving her was unbearable for Christian too! His needs, his secret lifestyle which so much knew he wanted, was nothing infrond the pain he was feeling after Ana left him. It was impossible for both of them to handle the pain. So, Darker gives them that chance! To be together again.

Second, the new rules! Well, the right words are NO RULES! Christian clearly said that he don’t want to lose her and he wants to have her in any ways he can. Clearly he wants to change his lifestyle with something more deeper than Dom&Sub relationship. It’s a big step for him and he willing to make it with Ana, and only her, by his side. It’s a bless to see him trying but also heartbreaking when whole his darkness came on the surface. Ana had to get through a big deal after that but, as her strength is bigger than before and her love for him too, everything settles down easily.

Third and last, are the obstacles they have to pass. The story’s cronicle lasts about a week and three days, and they lived situations beyond belief! But their first two days together were the glue to make them inseparable! …Oh! And the sex…sorry! Every day passes and they had to face, Mrs Robinson, the ex-Sub, Ana’s boss, her new job possition, Dr. Flynn, new house, Jose, Christian’s missing, marriage, mother confrontation….NERVE RACKING DAYS!!
The truth is, at some point, even Ana wished she had a few boring days, so who am I to say the opposite! I envy her more after that!

Now Freed is next, again, and it’s MY favorite! 😉 xoxo


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