Book Review Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

11477648When I decided to buy and read Fifty Shades I didn’t knen much about it. A good friend recommented it for me to read it, plus already many people spoke about it on media. I’m glad that a greek publisher already had it’s rights and released it(even if I learn about it two years after it’s debout) so I could read it easier in my language than english, which I was much more terrible than now.

So, I must confess that I wasn’t much of a reader back then, only few books now and then but after I read(and watch)Twilight saga, I start to look for a book to read, especially romantic and a good one. I was getting started to be a huge fan of romance literature but after Fifty crossed my way, well.. I change some of my notions about romance.

EL James has written an amazing love story, different from every other I had read so far and still is now, after two years have passed. A love story that many people love it and many people hate it but everyone is different and see’s things different.

What my conclusion is? Beyond that everyone has to try hard and constantly, so they can exist near someone which they love(because we are talking about love not something else), they have to think first the feelings and needs of the other, not only themselves. Nothing is one-sided. And this is what love needs to exist. But everyone thinks and acts according to his needs and insecurities, and they aren’t obliged to share them with the others. That’s why many relationships crashes after long years of living together.

However, the story don’t talk about this only. The story of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey is highly sensual from the beginning of the first chapter. An awkward interview, an intern offer and a last farewell before the elevator’s doors closed between them, are few of the first sparkles that Fifty Shades gives you in this book. Anastasia’s life is going to change dramatical after that meeting and as deeper as we go into the book we see her blossom into a woman who lives and learn new things, new emotions and new ways of dealing the complex personality that Christian Grey is.

Christian wants her! Not as his girlfriend but as his submissive. And he wants her bad!!! He shows her his interesting in every possible way but he can’t stops himself and cross some of his limits for her. What I loved about Christian, back then, is the first night they make love. He was a real gentleman! Anastasia wants him too, in a different way, more pure and real but she afraids of him also. The thought of pain is a hard limit for her. So we reach the moment in the Red Room. BDSM in all it’s glory!!!

The countless sex scenes in the book were realy shocking when I read the book for the first time, and they were immeasurably revealing. The way of pleasure some people wants for, compared with the most of us, can’t be much of a shocking after all. Besides, is as the book reffered to as “consensual sex between adults”. Right?

Secrets, fears, overturns, insecurities are the key list in the flow of the story and you are going to have a shocking ending, that is going to take you at the first bookstore, to buy Darker, the second book of this amazing trilogy and start reading it on the spot. That’s what I did.

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