Book Review Uncovering You 10: The Finale by Scarlett Edwards

Uncovering You series

25016888It is a masterpiece!!
I won’t say that I love that kind of stories because I don’t. Well, not before I read this series tho! From the beggining I knew that I will be terrifing many times during reading both ten books of the series. But I was there waiting for the new release every time I take my email and make the pre-order. I was totally capricated from the story.
I read the final book later than usual tho! Can I say that I couldn’t stop reading it even if it was after midnight? Gosh! This book have it all, terror, sadness, despair, a piece of hope, love and then back to the start. This circle was there in every book from the beggining of Lilly’s life near Jeremy’s. And Scarlett created it with such an “insane” way that even if you wanted to stop reading at some point you just couldn’t do it! You want more…so much more.
This last book it’s a total masterpiece! Don’t understand why others don’t like it. It was about the ending? It was about the abuse Lilly had? Or beause the whole storytail. My personal oppinion is that everything has an end from the begging. Unfortunately with not a happy endind but we were already knew that. Don’t we? I knew that Lilly was given up in the end. That she was afraid Stoneheart and she wanted to be free from him. But I couldn’t never imagine this end.
I’m one of the many readers who always wants a happy ever after ending. Makes my life much brighter in a way. This story couldn’t be out of this need neither. So, when Scarlett said in the end that Lilly was cure….well, hunny you made a terrible mistake here! You had to let Lilly dies not to give us hope again. You had to let us cry and cry and cry for that awful ending of their love story. I was ready for that. I knew it was coming. I didn’t want this to happen, not even close. I wanted them to be together, even with her radom illusions, taking her pils and live at the resort they’ve been on the last months. Not to give us the ultimate, even been psyhopath, love of Jeremy to Lilly. But that’s what I full love in this story. Their unspoken love even the hard circumstances they had. His unspoken love that was finally out at the sun to see. I loved him so much then!
As for the ending, I can’t wait for you Scarlett to give us the most of them here as you promised. I said my oppinion but now I want that happy ever after. Somehow you can manage to give it us. I understand the parametres of their life but I hope for the best ending…ever.
You have a huge fun here my lov. Can’t wait to start reading all others books of yours very very soon.

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