Book Review Tangled Up in Blue by J.D. Brick

512LguzNjHL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_I realy liked and enjoy this story. I found it at the wattapp and I started reading it because it was a complete storie without waiting and all. Few chapters after I started it I decide to buy it and have it in my kindle, not only because it was in good price but because this story made me cry and laught, made me feel every single feeling of them, every single thoughts they had. That kind of stories are my favorites and I have to support J.D. and her work for that. She deserves it!
So, about the story! It’s a love story between two colleges student (of course) which they have personal problems and a past who hunt them. Colleges not my fav subject but….when the story is well written then wtf I will read it anyway!
Buck to my comment. Keegan is a nice girl, down to earth but she lives in her own bubble not aware what is going on with the people in her life. ( Don’t want to say much more about it and spoil the story). And there is Blue! A man with blue eyes and a lickable body! Of course it would be a man like him…always is! Former military, came back from Afganistan, down to earth guy too, love music and I think he studies music at the university. Don’t know exactly. They meet at the Canadian Empassy, a house Blue lives with three other collages and Keegan is the new roommate. The chemistry was instand and things went natural but fast. They definitely look like it meant to be together 4ever but…..
So, 4 stars! I realy wanted to put 5 but in the middle of the story I wanted more. So much more! About the personal moments they shared, and to be more open with their feelings. They did but at some point it had to be more honesty. Hope the second book will have that.
Thank you J.D for the beautiful story and I can’t wait for the next book to come.


Κράτα το


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