ARC Review Wolf’s Red by Ashlyn Mathews

25585181Two opposite worlds, two different creatures connect their lives by a terrible situation, an unspoken war between the wolf packs. A wolf and a nymph, the land and the sea, connected their lives but each of the two of them has a plan for the life they want to live and don’t want to ruin it.
Red wants to live a life outside the water, free from the curse Sirens have and the guilt after the death they always cause. True to her willing she made it happen but with an unpleasant lose, her heart!
Axel is an Alpha male wolf whose possition has been stolen from an orphan one, breaking the line Axel’s family has in the forest. Now, Axel wants to revenge to other wolf for his pack’s death and take his leading back but a spell keeps him far from his plans. The only way to accomplish his plans is to make Siren talk and find out what happen at the incident back then. None of the two of them knew that universe has others plans for them!
Wolf’s Red is a well writen paranormal romance finction with interesting plot and two main characters you can so easy be into them. I love the lines and the teasing they had, as for the sex….well, it’s their, it’s happening…a lot! Nothing to stay in our imagination! Honestly, it’s my second time reading a paranormal finction after twilight saga but think it’s my first enjoying it so much. I realy loved the wolf power and strength as Ashlyn Mathews describes it. Plus the fact that she give us a full view, every detail about the life these creatures have and that is what makes it a good book to read.

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