ARC Review Red Clover by Florence Osmund

22030118“It’s should never be your goal to be normal. It’s should be your goal to be whole!”

When I start reading this book I wasn’t sure if I can make it till the end. It looked like the books I intentional avoid reading them. There were so many details like the interior decorations of the house and the way the owners lived or the plenty inside thoughts the main character had whole the time about his life. Although I wasn’t keen on reading that kind of books before now, I was truly intrigued about where all these end, so I keep reading it and I enjoy it very much.
Here it is, a story about a young boy who wanted to be normal and became a man on his own will, who’s goal was to be whole. Lee Oliver Winekoop, born in 1960 and lived in Evanston, Illinois with his wealthy parents and his two older brothers, never felt normal! He always thought he was an intruder for his family, having less than his brothers had and he always received criticism by his father about everything he did or didn’t.
When Lee finally finished high school he decided to open his wings and do what ever he likes to, even if at that time he didn’t realy knew what was it. Years passed and now alone in his parents lake house his life turns. A will of his dead uncle Nelson start to change his life and makes it better in every way. Lee starts a life on his own, makes good friends, unfortunately one enemy, tries to find him self and his spot to life, tries to make his father proud about what he accomplished so far.
But life has it’s way to saw you things, so Lee was infrond of a huge news about his family and a truth beneath the way his father treated him. Now, with all cards open in frond of him, Lee decides to complite his dream project without feeling lost or alone any more. He has good people beside him who love and wants to help him. And now he feels WHOLE.
Beautiful story, very well written, it opens slow at the beginning but what it comes next it’s very enlightening for everyone who feels not normal or half in their lives. I’m truly glad that I read it it this time of my life!

“I was provided with a free copy of this book so I could give an honest review.”

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