Book Review Finding My Prince Charming (#1) by J.S. Cooper

18528435I put three stars only for the sex scenes! I expected to be an interesting love story but it had big flaws in it!

Here is Lola and her friend Anna, two collage girls from Florida, visiting London for a chance of studing Art History and British literature. The first week there Lola met a handsome man inside a museum, she attended there as an abroad student before her Art cemester start, but things went strangely awkward between them.

At this point, the story continues even more awkward! Both of them, feel the lust that flows between them but they handle the situation in a wrong way. Lola’s act has emotional fluctuations and Xavier, who is the Prince Charming, has been arrogant, vulgar and two faced jackass. Not that is a bad thing to make a story with this characteristics but I find the writting very poor in many levels.

Even if I put to the side the types of character J.S. gave to her heroes, the only that it’s worth something was Sebastian’s, Xavier’s brother, the dialogs were poor most of the times and the story went back and forth between Lola and Xavier, so often that it became tiring to read.

Although, at the end of the book J.S. made a change at her recound and the story became more juicy and interesting.

Hope the next book will be more interesting and page turner than the first.

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