Book Review Geoducks are for lovers (Modern Love Story #1) by Daisy Prescott

17838847First I want to say that I’d started with the last book of Modern Love Stories, which was awesome, and continue with the first of them. Strange start but it doesn’t matter realy because every story is intependent from the others. Although, I want to say that Daisy’s writing gets better in the “Confessions of a reformed Tom Cat”. You are going to understand my point soon.

I finish the story late than usual but it wasn’t only because of the slow flow of the story. Nope! I had bad days lately and I couldn’t follow up as I used to be. I hate these days when they come! Anyway….The story did was slow for me! This doesn’t mean that I wanted to put it in the side and start an other one instead, no way I was thinking about it!!! No!!! What I mean is that at some point I was reading same things and thoughts they weren’t necessary to be there in my opinion. But in the end the most of them had their meaning in the story.

So, here is Maggie, a forty-two years old, divorsed woman, who lives in a beach house, …alone with her lovely dog “biscuit” and a handsome neighbor. Not much to say about him right now but when I read HIS story I will!! LOL …Let’s continue! Maggie is a food journalist, if I understanded her job right, works at her home, have a quiet life in her town and this weekend she’s expecting her diarest friends to visit her before their college’s reunion. Never crossed her mind that a big surprise will be waiting for her soon..

A friend, a loved one from her past is with the others and that cracks the walls Maggie had build all these years. Will she eventually throw them in the side and live her second chance to life? In the end, she will! How; is an other story whish I won’t tell you of course because I don’t to do the spoil thing. 😉

As I said in the beginning, I wanted the story to flow not to keep me in the same place or to get me back in same places, if you can understand what I mean! (my english words aren’t very rish, sorry!) But there was a meaning for all the back and forth the story has and I couldn’t understand it till the end of the story. (Someone told me once that some books have to read them until the end to understand them. I always keep that in mind!) What was the meaning?

Well, it’s the second chance life gives you and it’s the second chance you give to your life!

Everyone, at some point of our lives, we want things to happen, things to do, things to say but in the end we keep doing the same life we used to do every single day without try to make this difference we so badly want. Am I right? We stay inside the bubble we made all these years, not trying to ruin it because we tired to be hurt or get hurt, or hurt the people we love. So, we keep living like robots, doing the stereotypes others told us that is the right way to live and…live.

Daisy hand this to us with a very nice way but I couldn’t see it at first. Now I do! I realy can put my foot in Maggies shoe even if I have more Jo’s life right now. I can’t understand her completely tho, because my actions will be a little differend than hers. Maggie is realy thinking things way too more than I did! So there’s worse than me in the world after all! LOL …That’s why the story was slow! She didn’t wanted to ruin her bubble which so hard made all these years and she was thinking way too hard to keep it that way. I realy need her to change her thoughts more quickly but she wanted the other way! Oh well….!

Anyway, I don’t know what else to say about it, only that you will love reading it not only because Daisy has a great way of writing lines, which she is by the way! Here some I bookmarked when I read the book:

(Mens conversation! Mind if I say one is the gay guy?)

– Mind if I take a shower first?” Gil asks.
– “Mind if I join you?” Quinn quips without looking up.
– “Sorry, Q. Still not my type.
– ”“Pfft. So you say. You could use the outdoor shower. I could walk by. Nature could take its course.
– ”“Think I’ll stick with the upstairs shower for right now to be safe.””
There are so many of these lines I couldn’t stop laughting.

P.S Quinn was AMAZING! Best friend ever!!!

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