Book Review EMBER – The Complete Series: Part One, Part Two & Part Three by Deborah Bladon


(The complete series)

by Deborah Bladon



June 10, 2015
Serie | 257 pages | Contemporary Romance
by Deborah Blandon



Part 1
The cover summary said it all! Bridget and Dane are searching for their be half for their lives and in an awkward moment they met each other. She wants him but she needs to get things slow between them; he wants her but he needs things to go faster between them, he needs her badly! She is the one!!

This love story has nothing to do with the other stories Daborah has written. It’s slowly opens infrond of our eyes, tenderly and sweetly. I can find myself in Bridgets mind easily. I think just like her but the warm feeling I feel reading the story…well, Dane’s actions do that! He is increadible beautiful on outside, his body sculpture beauty, his strength, Deborah have an ace when it comes to describe men for her books…but his soul is the best thing he owns. I will die for this man!!!

I enjoy reading “Ember” very very much and I want to find out what is coming next for Bridget and Dane. Part 2 is on currendly reading process and I love it too. Best thing in the book? But of course the SEX scenes! The man knows how to work things out on the bed, on the armchair, on the….. Well, you have to read it to find out where else! Lol


Part 2
Bridget and Dane are getting more close to each other, after her accident, but the mistery of Dane’s ex-girlfriend is always there. He doesn’t open up with himself about his past and that makes Bridget’s decision to keep her feelings secret than be opened up and regret it after. At the back of her mind it’s always the fact that Dane will be change his mind and get back to his ex soon.

Although, Bridget see’s that Dane is the one and only for her, she hasn’t invest her life on that. She tries to get physically better after the accident and invest time for her future as an artist. However, she can’t stay away from Dane’s pull; the man’s truly love her and shows it with every fiber of his being. Until, their moment of intimacy broke into pieces after the news of an unborn child swing above their relationship.

Ember part2, was more interesting, intence and heartbroken. It was a bit twisty (if this could be the right word to describe it) from Dane’s side because at some point I thought Deborah was playing with my mind and feelings. I truly had second thoughts about Dane and where the story is going to end at some points during part 2. Couldn’t leave it in the side until I start reading part 3; especially when it ended again with a big enigma and so many questions about what had happen now and what next!


Part 3
Deborah did it again! Althouth, I have to say that I missed few series of hers I promise I will come back and read all of them. Soon!!!

Ember part 3 was fascinating! I left part 2 with my heart in my mouth and ended part 3 with my heart full as a balloon. Deborah you endlessly like to tease us, don’t you? Even when I finally got through 80% of the book I couldn’t be possitive to where things going to be between Bridget and Dane. I wanted so bad things going to be HEA for them but Ms Deborah Bladon here, haven’t give the green light for it yet. Pure torture my friends!!!!

I’m not going to say a thing about what happened with Bridget and Dane. The description on the cover says much. I want you to find out the end by yourselves and enjoy it as I was. The only thing I want to say is that, even if many things were clarified about Dane’s past, he said as much he could about it; I realy want to read his POV too. He was unexpectedly open with his feelings towards Bridget, something that was so unique if you ask me, but he kept things hide for his reasons. I’d love to learn what were his anchors which made him act the ways he did. And of course, I can’t wait for the extra part of them, soon.

Thank you Deborah again for the amazing love story!

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