Book Review Confessions of a Reformed Tom Cat (Modern Love Story #4) by Daisy Prescott

24327646I loved that message when I read it….
– “You missed a great new performance of This is Tom’s Life at Payless Foods, starring Ashley as the angry woman. Chorus played by the Island Gossips.* *”
– “I heard it was amazing and people applauded at the end.* *”
– “What?* *”
– “Connie sent me the video. You’re very handsome in that flannel . Come over and I’ll give you an afternoon pick-me-up.* *”
– “Oops. Forgot the ;)*”

Who is she by the way? Hailey! Is she real or what? Wish I was like her, mind and soul! I would have an easier life then. As for Tom….well, the man was a realy man whore as he said he is at the beggining of his story. And what a story to share! If this was only one year of his thirty-three years life then imagine the rest of his past! LOL!!! I can only applaud him for making women happier every time. Wow! Did I said that out loud?

So, the story was very pleasant, overwhelmed by smart talk and way too good lines which made me laught, a lot, and beautiful, charismatic characters ( exept Kurt of course) that made me feel close to them in every way.

Looking the freedom of a single person and the way life goes by from the eyes of a man like Tom was a unique experience for me because of the remarkable sincerity this man has for his life and only. Men!!!! I might start understant them better than I already had.

Tom had an agenda, a plan about the way his life would be…for ever. Well, think better buddy!!! Freeing from everyone and everybody’s need, except his loving family, he can do everything he wants, when ever he wants and with whom! That was his plan. This was his life and he was doing it just fine till a person from his past came back to town. Don’t want to spoil it but this person wasn’t exactly from HIS past but think he was from HER past! Sorry about that! Well, always there’s a woman in the story!
And that was it! The fall was slow but eventually there was a fall in love after all. A good, head fall as a matter of fact. A man whore (jeez I hate this title) fell head and heart for this woman who change the direction of his life and mind. I realy envy her way to him!!!!

The story is HEA story and you will be recognize it from the beggining so it’s ok to tell the happy end, right? Or not? Well, I won’t share! You have to read it till the end and find out what happened. And as Tom’s last words are….”There you go. A year in the life of Tom Cat Donnely.  A birth, a death, a bar fight, and a wedding. I can’t wait to see what life brings me next.”…

I wish you a pleasant reading my friends. You will deffinitely enjoy that one. xxo

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