Book Review The Low of Moses by Amy Harmon

23252517Is it the law of Moses or is it the law of Georgia’s that make this story unbelievable and yet unbearable to leave it only for a second so you can take a breath?

Like all the other readers, reading the prologue first, all I was thinking was how I could manage my feelings in the end of it. And that was the hard part for me! The hardest!! Because when you had read that kind of stories before and you ended up red eyes, sticky nose, wreaked and sore feelings then you know what you would expect, especially when the writer her self tells you what will happen.

Moses and Georgia! Georgia and Moses! Two different souls but yet with the oldest human needs…. The need to be in love and the need to be loved! And like other love stories someone had to be the stubborn one! Right? Well, here there are two of them. Actually there are more of them in the story but I was talking about Moses and Georgia. Two stubborn high school students who already knew what they wanted to be and have in their lives but, as always, they turned every plan made upside down for one need only….LOVE!!!!

With that and the thing that there was a serial killer in the neighborhood the plot of the story was remarcable and opened so well writen that I couldn’t leave it unless I finish it. 5 stars are so few and I wish I could give you all the stars in the sky Amy!
Every time and then, there were hints about what will happen eventualy but weren’t enough! They are never enough!!!! So you continue reading and still your self for the inevitable. Well, I hate that kind of endings! “Kind of”….

What stays last? A lot of things actually but in most the Five greats! Never hear it before in my whole life but I promise to adopt it with a good way. Promise!!!
So here’s my first Five Greats
1. My two daughters (my hardest work ever)
2. Read Books
3. Drink Coffee
4. Hot Bath
5. Be happy
That for start!! And wish many more to come…
Thank you so much Amy!!!! You made a new huge fan! Can’t wait to read more stories of you dear. Be well!

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