ARC Review Someone like you by Tonesha Reese

24849207The title “Someone like you” explains it all!
Although is a short, romance book I enjoy reading it, espesially after a hard to read story. Very well written, with smart lines and a love story like “fairytails” have (yep! Most of these things never happen in real life) this book would keep you happy and relax as long as you reading it. I laugh a lot with Jamison’s humor and the way she thinks about her self. As for Santiago, the handsome, hot, latino singer, well…. he’s the epitome of kindness, a true gentleman every woman dream to have. There is nothing fansy in the story, only a terrible good luck a woman can have in her life, finding a man like Santiago who only as a prince I could described him. As for the story…

Jamison had win a ticket from a raffle for a concert and she had planed to go with her best friend Margo, whish she was huge fan of the singer but that day Jamison wasn’t feeling very well. Although she wanted to back off and stay home, she didn’t wanted to brake her friend’s heart, so now they are waiting, like everyone else, to listen Santiago Vasquez, one of the most popural singers at that time and definitely a hot one.

At the end of the concert, Jamison couldn’t stay on her feet any more and she fainted infront of Santiago, who took her in his arms and carry her backstage to help her feel better even if he didn’t knew her. When Jamison came to her senses, she saw him kneeling besides her and she couldn’t believe where she was. They had small talk, most of it about her health and afterwords she disappear with Margo, who, till then, she was freaking out for loosing Jamison from her sight.

The next morning, Jamison finds Santiago infrond of her door wanted to know how she was feeling. She ask him if he wants to come inside (he did) and they spent their weekend together. The flirtation was there, from his part mostly because Jamison didn’t wanted to be attached with him so soon, but she definitely liked it!. And that’s how the story flows!

Jamison is a woman on her own, trying to stay on her feet no matter what and the last thing she needed was a man to break her heart again. She realy enjoys Santiago’s company and flirt but she things that all of this is a very good dream, it will end soon and she has to keep her heart safe that’s why she isn’t responting to his flirt.
On the other hand, Santiago is full attached to Jamison from the beginning and he tries to make her feel comfortable, relax and safe in the relationship he wants to bild with her. His job is one of the problems they had and an ex who wanted him back, but as soon as he clearly showed his intentions to Jamison all of these ended. And after that the story too. I realy wanted more to read about their relationship and the way they get closer. It’s a romance story after all!!! Hope you enjoy reading it too.

Where to fing it:

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