Book Review Grey by E L James

25644601 I have to admit that I kept myself from posting every single quote Christian said in the book, every single moment I felt confused or fear, or pain about him. Christian blown my mind at every single chance he could!!!!

Grey give me the first drop of knowlenge about the mysterious and charming Christian Grey! Just like the first book (Ana’s POV), the first chapters were almost the same. Not boring tho but a welcome turn from Christian’s prespective. However, the nightmares joined me from the beginning of the book and these moments weren’t as welcome as I wanted to be.

At whole book, reading in detail every nightmare Christian had, helped me in the end to understand him and his actions better than I first thought. The “I’m fifty shades of fucked up” isn’ t just a line to make girls sympathize him and at the first book this line gave me quarter of the meaning that realy carried.

Christian wasn’t just a broken kid with terrible first years of his life. His way of seeing life and himself in it, after these four years, was totally outrageous to me. My first opinion when I first read FSOG was that he was mad with everybody who was in his life, that’s why he always entangled to fights. But the truth is that he was mad with himself; he felt half and not worthy. And when Elena came to his life as Dominatrices, made some good and some bad things to his coming years.

Elena is in the story, not in all her glory but as a friend who always has a special spot in Christian’s life. I found interesting the fact that before Ana, Christian shared every detail at his life to Elena but when he met Ana, he redused them to nothing. It was confusing too, consider that he kept saying that he wanted Ana as his submissive and only that.

Reading Christian POV from the way beginning, I started to feel intimidated to him, as Ana was. I feared his mind thoughts, the stalking and, of course, his needs. At FSOG I saw him as a charismatic, sexy, dominant male who knew every single thing of what his was doing. Well, he is all of that and he know what his is doing….BUT….the bottom of what he was asking Ana to do and be, it’s way more dark than I first envisioned it to be. Not even the moment with the belt helped me see what Christian was into. Not clearly tho, because his actions to Ana before this last scene made me see a carrying, kind of loving Christian, who made things to be MORE!

The most confusing parts of the story were that his inner monologue with his action afterwards were the opposite of the opposites! Confusing and funny I must say. Christian totally fought with himself on behalf of Ana’s! She’d turned his world upside down at the moment she fell head and knees in his office and…the moment she left him.

Last chapter was the hardest, the strongest, the enlightest, the best of what Erika had to give us about Christian.!!!! Lot’s of crying…too much actualy…The emotions Christian had inside him, what he gave me to feel for him after all the fear he created to me about himself, helped me find out the answers I had about him so long. Three and a half years when I first read FSOG if I’m correct.

The mistery of who is Christian Grey, finally half-solved with the help of the gorgeous Erika L James, the woman who was the first who showed me the world of BDSM romance, or romance in generally. After twilight saga, FSOG series were the first trilogy I read after a friend’s suggestion and I’d enjoyed and loved them both three equally.

THANK YOU ERIKA again!!!! (shouty capitals)

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