Book Review The song of David by Amy Harmon

Amy Harmon

The things that are meant to be
are the things we can’t control,
the things we don’t cause,
the things that happen
regardless of who or what we are.

Here’s Moses again talking about his loving and only best friend he have Tag (David) Taggert. A friend he met at Montlake psych clinic when the two of them went there but for a different reason each one. A meet we learn about reading Moses story at “The Law of Moses” book. Now, Moses gives us a clearly view about Tag’s life and being. A life that was harder than every other twenty-six year old man as Tag is and being that haven’t have half measures at all in Tag’s daily life.

Tag wanted all, the victory, the recognition, the spotligh; as he was an MMA fighter. He wanted to fight, he loved to fight! But he wasn’t selfish! No!!! He also fought about the others, the people he cared about, the people he loved and been loved by them. However, it’s clearly that he fought also for people he didn’ t knew at all but whom needed help even if they didn’t knew it at that time. That’s who Tag is! Always a fighter! A fighter that never needed or wanted the others to fight for him….

Amy Harmon create a story, so well written, complicated but also clear, full of realistic agony about life and how little moments can change life to unknown. She realy knows the right way to give the small, simple things an air of grandeur, of uniqueness. That simple things that keeps the meaning of what our life needs to have, so we can be completely happy.

Honestly, I cryed a lot reading this book. Two best friends, Moses and Tag, living the same situation in different ways again. The one searching for the other who didn’t wanted to be found. Two beautiful souls, Tag and Millie, living a love that never happed before and never wanted to finish. And a young boy, a harismatic boy, Henry, who broke my heart so many times, I stopped counting, with his undescribable descriptiveness about things, moments and feelings.

As many times I can try to say few words about the main story, I will fail again. I might have to confess every single detail, every single moment of it and I don’t want that. I still believe that I’m not good enough to make a good book review!

For this reason, I suggest “The Song of David” to all of you who want to read an other strong, love story by Amy Harnon; the woman who knows how to steal our attention, how to break us apart, how to glue us to the real meaning things of life, as these are love, friendship, companionship, happiness.

Lay down, take few deep breaths and enjoy reading “The Song of David”.

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