Book Review Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

17788401 Ugly love!!!…. What a tittle!

Until you come close to the end of the story all you are thinking is that the end won’t be a HEA end. Yep! I said that. I’ll also say to you that it will be an unavoidable a lot of crying, a lot, because the words and the emotions you’ll read and feel, are so much overwhelming. They are! Because even if you know, on the back of your mind, that life is never easy to anyone and have it’s uglyness everywhere you look, only when you live that kind of moment you’ll understand complitely what it’s like to be fucked up! And Miles Archer is a man with fucked up issues. Like LIFE never wanted to give him her good face. Well, at some point!

Colleen Hoover, create Miles and Tate, two magnificent main characters who’s life story is so different in every lever. Miles a 24 copilot, soon to be a captain, lived in a appartment complex, alone. Tate a 23 nurse, moved to her brothers appartment, after she decited to pursue her master degree in nursing, she is also alone. Her appartment is across the hall of Miles appartment, a very convenience place for their affair if you ask me. I suppose Colleen wanted things, always to go fast and end fast for them!

They met in a very awkward way but this way is the beggining of what you are going to read, live and feel during the story. And man!!! What Miles made me feel for him at that moment was beyond me. And Tate…even if she didn’t want to be tangle up in his issues she feels sympathetic for him….

“At first, I think he’s about to get sick, but then I realize how incredibly wrong I am.
He’s not sick.
He’s crying.
So hard he isn’t even making a sound.”

And, that’s how everything starts!!!

After their second chance of get to know each other as neighbors, because there was a second chance in the beginning of the story, things started to be way more difficult for Tate to cope with Miles. He was intimidating and attractive to her but she didn’t wanted to feel something for him. It was SO wrong in every level. It was obvious that Miles has huge issues in his life so she didn’t wanted to invade in them in any way. She had her own future to manage.

However, when Tate was close to him it was impossible for her to turn off her feelings and stay away. Miles, invaded her life, in every way. He’s present becomes everything to her.

….” It’s hard not to notice his present because his present becomes everything” …..and that line says it all!!

I don’t like spoilers, I realy don’t! Not to read them, not to write them. That’s why is so difficult for me to write this review. Every single chapter is amazing and chapter per chapter you are looking into Miles past. A past that made him what he is now. Once in a while, his story unfolds before us in a sweet but dramatic way by giving us a different image of who Miles was. A boy who wanted to give so much love…And Colleen wrote his story in a very good way that made me connect with Miles so much more. Colleen’s way of words is beyond me!

Tates and Miles connection is intense, full of lust and passion but that’s it! She wants to follow him like a liguid, he wants to have her only if she follows his rules. And there are two of them…

” Don’t ask about my past ….And never expect a future!”

What Tate do? She tries to follow his rules even if she doesn’t like them. It is hard to be away from him so she will take what she can get.

” I’m not Tate when I’m near to Miles. I’m liquid and liquids….flows. That ‘s all I want to do with Miles.” And she does!!

Their affair starts quickly and every single moment together is intense and most of the times ends with Tate empty! She realy wants more but she knows it won’t be a chance for her in a million years. But she takes what Miles gives her and…boy! He’s doing a fine job! Every passion moments, every sex scenes they two have, are so well-writen by Colleen that nothing stays to imagination. I enjoy reading them so much!

But, as Tate predicted, Miles wasn’t going to break his rules and the end of their affair will come soon with her a complitely mess. The hardest moment ever! Miles was everything to her, in a strange way that only heart can create, he realy was her everything but Miles didn’t want to get involve. Never again!

I liked Tate’s character. She is intelligent, loving, kind, fanny girl and when she was with Miles, trying to cope with his attitude, trying not to express her thoughts open and stays silent, I loved her more.
Ugly Love is now at top five books I read so far. Thank you Colleen Hoover for the amazine story, I honestly enjoy reading it.

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